Newborn Wrapping: Newborn Legs In or Legs Out

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Newborn Legs In or Legs Out in a Wrap

Wondering whether to wrap your newborn legs in or legs out?

The real question of legs in/legs out is how best to support YOUR newborn in a comfortable and ergonomic way.

Optimum newborn positioning includes:

  • pelvis tilted forward
  • knees higher than bottom
  • knees spread about as wide as baby’s pelvis

So Should I Wrap My Newborn Legs In or Legs Out?

You should wrap around baby in a position that your newborn’s legs are naturally inclined to rest in. You will find that baby will tuck knees up, not spread too far apart.

Usually you can wrap around your newborn baby with legs out while maintaining this natural position.

Baby does not need to be able to spread legs wide or straddle your torso.  In fact, newborn legs are so tiny that the length of thigh from bottom to knee fits in front of a mama’s tummy with only a slight spread.

Wrapping a newborn with legs out is often more comfortable for baby.

And with newborn legs out, you can view baby’s feet to monitor circulation.

In the photos below you can see that Annabelle’s legs do not have to stretch around my waist or spread wide across my torso–she’s 6 weeks old in these pictures, and I’m wearing her low in the second picture because she’s been nursing in the front wrap cross carry.

Newborn legs don't have to stradle your waist!

Newborn legs don’t have to straddle your waist!

When is it Good to Wrap Newborn with Legs In?

Before 2010, it was most common (among US and European babywearers) to wrap a newborn baby with legs in – inside the wrap – in what was referred to as “froggy leg” position.

Because of this, there are a lot of older photos, videos, and resources that show this style of legs-in newborn babywearing.

There’s nothing wrong with wrapping a newborn with legs in the wrap – as long as you are doing safe positioning.

So make sure baby’s knees are not spread too wide.

Make sure baby’s weight is not on baby’s feet.

Make sure baby’s feet are comfortably flexed.

Sometimes newborns are very accustomed to being curled up.  And if that is what your baby’s body seems to want to do, go with it!

Here’s an example of a newborn who was not uncurled enough to wrap with legs out, but whose little feet did stick out:

Newborn Leg Positioning

Learn more about how to wrap your newborn baby here!

In conclusion, do what works best for you and your baby in terms of leg position.  Newborn legs in or legs out, either way is fine.

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