Practice Putting Baby on Your Back

16th August, 2010 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments


If you’re new to babywearing on your back, you and your baby both need to become comfortable with it.

If you are worried or uncertain, your baby will be worried and is likely to cry.

I recommend practicing without the wrap.  The best place is where you and your baby can both see yourselves in a mirror.   This helps you to know what’s happening, and is a source of entertainment.   If you are not certain you can keep your baby from dropping, of course you must begin over a bed or other soft surface, or with a spotter hovering behind you.  Soon you will find that you can smoothly and easily move your baby from your front to your back and back to the front again safely.

Make it a game for your baby or toddler.  Play around with it.  Make funny faces and funny sounds.  Shout, “Super-baby!”

If your baby becomes upset, scared, or frustrated, stop and try again another time when he or she is clearly in a playful, wide-awake, not-hungry mood!

There are several ways to get your baby onto your back.  A toddler can often climb on when you squat in front of her and offer a piggyback ride.  Otherwise you can scoot your baby or child around your hip to your back, or lift baby, rotate, and place him or her over your shoulder.  Your baby might enjoy your swinging him or her around before settling him on your back.

Look over these different methods of putting a baby on your back, and pick one to try.  See which you and your baby like best.


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