Proper Hip Position in a Carrier

27th February, 2012 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments

In the babywearing world there is a category of carrier disdainfully referred to, by those in the know, as “crotch-danglers.” It’s not that these disdainful mamas are elitist. No, it is that they know what an unsupportive position this is for a baby, and how much stress it puts on the base of the baby’s spine and they wish all the other mamas in the world knew it, too, before they gave or received one of these Bjorn-style carriers for a baby shower present!

Here’s a quick explanation with photographs.

A wraparound carrier should be used to hold baby with the optimum leg positioning as shown in the link.  This is best achieved when baby is facing your body, with a wide seat underneath the baby’s bottom and thighs.  If you have a carrier that does not allow for this, chuck it! There are lots of better options.

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