Answering Questions About Babywearing

13th April, 2010 / Baby Wrap Benefits / 5 Comments

Take a deep breath and remember that some people are completely unfamiliar with babywearing.  The most important thing is not to let them upset you.  The best thing would be to let them see how wonderful babywearing is.  But the key is “let them.”  People are rarely persuaded by force!

Sometimes a casual, heartfelt comment hits a lot deeper than a list of resources or a defensive rebuttal.

Try out these simple, non-confrontational explanations of babywearing, and make them your own by talking up the biggest general benefit that you, personally, have enjoyed.

  • My baby’s happier this way, and that makes me happier!
  • Babywearing makes things easier for me.
  • I love showing off my baby and this way I can take her everywhere with me!
  • My baby enjoys this so much more than the stroller.
  • This way I don’t have to lug around that heavy carseat.
  • After going through labor, I think I deserve to keep my baby close!
  • Wearing her is so much easier on me, physically.

And, in response to any suggestion of a negative effect of babywearing (ie spoiling), you can always reply that babywearing is working great for you right now and you’ll make any changes if and when they become necessary!

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