Rebozo as Birth Aid

13th April, 2011 / Baby Wrap Benefits / 1 Comment

Wraps–they’re good for babies in utero, too!


Gently Rocking Diana's Belly

Gently Rocking Diana's Belly

At our Mom’s Circle, my friend Evelyn has taken the rebozo to my pregnant belly a couple of times.  SO RELAXING!  I’m looking forward to having this tool ready during labor, when my husband can use our rebozo to help me relax my body and allow the baby to do what he or she needs to do to come out.

More information from SpinningBabies:

This one was super nice too–made me feel real loose, just like I want to be in labor.  It was a fast rigorous wiggling of, well, my bottom!


The Wiggling of the Bottom

The Wiggling of the Bottom

I remember reading in Spiritual Midwifery about squeezing the hips at a certain point in the birth to open things up, and I bet a rebozo could be used toward that end similarly to how its demonstrated in this video:

Just make sure you know what you’re doing, because as I recall from the book (and no one’s quoting me on this, right?), the squeeze is like squeezing a clothespin–it closes the bones at one end and opens them at the other.  You want to make sure you’re opening up the right end at the right time.  No need to make baby’s passage any tighter than it needs to be!

I tend to feel a lot of lower back ache during labor, though, so I may have to remember to try it for that, as they’re talking about in the video.

I’ve not used a rebozo in labor yet, but I’m hoping to get the opportunity this month!  I’ll be sure to let you know!  In the meantime, does anyone else have rebozo-in-labor stories or information to share?

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  • Krisha April 14, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    I had this done durring my pregnacy as well it was very nice on my aching joints. But I didn’t get the chance to do it durring labor. 🙁 Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you, if you do. 🙂


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