Rebozo Back Carry

25th August, 2010 / Baby Wrap Tips / 2 Comments

I’ve not used rebozos much, except for a while when Ada was two and I used one for a quick rucksack tied under the bottom…which is not really a rebozo carry anyway!

Well, I tried some rebozo front carries with Annabelle when she was littler, and it was never as easy, adjustable, or intuitive (for me) as a longer wrap so I pretty much stuck with longer wraps.

Because I love playing with wraps and trying new things, I tried a rebozo back carry a few weeks ago and it was REALLY GOOD!  As someone who is familiar with wrap back carries, I found the rebozo carry very similar and easy to manage.  The diagonal length of fabric across my back, tied in front, is just like many a back carry with a longer wrap.

I think my hang-up with the front carry is that I have to A) reach around my big ole baby to tie it, and B) I don’t have two wrap ends to pull on for tightening or adjustment.  Both of those problems are non-existent with the back carry.  As a dedicated wrapper living in hot, humid, Florida, I should really work on those rebozo chops.  For now, I’m pretty stoked about the back carry, though!


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