Sensory Processing Disorder

2nd August, 2012 / Baby Wrap Benefits / No Comments

Though I had never heard of Sensory Processing Disorder, I found Steffany’s story about how wrapping helped her family deal with the difficulties of SPD to be very interesting and have applications beyond the scope of this specific diagnoses.

  • Wrapping her baby allowed her to provide a safe place when the world proved difficult for her daughter.
  • Wrapping her baby allowed her to engage in physically strenuous routines that helped sooth her child.
  • Wrapping her baby provided a creative way to meet her daughter’s needs.

While Steffany and her daughter may have had a more challenging time of it, the benefits they had from wrapping are the same that any of us have because babies and small children, to greater or lesser degrees do find the world to be difficult, frequently need soothing at inconvenient times for extensive periods, and have the inconvenient habit of having needs that conflict with our societal notions of what is appropriate.

I don’t mean to make less of the situation that Steffany had to deal with.  On the contrary, I hope that any other parents and children who are dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder or any other condition that makes things difficult will find her post and benefit from her experience.

But the rest of us can benefit, too.  Because even without a fancy condition, our children are sensitive and needy and thrive when we can appreciate and respect them in their fullness, including their quirks, finding admiration in what we might otherwise write of as silliness, childishness, or weakness.

Read Steffany’s post.

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