3.6 meters: Shorter Wrap Options

23rd July, 2010 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments
Nursing in the Short Front Cross Carry

Nursing in the Short Front Cross Carry

I dedicated yesterday to my 3.6 meter Inka Storchenwiege.  It is one of my very favorite wrap colorways, has been used plenty and is floppy soft, and I used it in July in Florida, albeit mostly indoors.

I am something like 5’3 and 115 lbs.  The 3.6 was too short for FWCC or BWCC, but there were a lot of carries I could do.

Front carries with 3.6 Inka:

Hip carries with 3.6 Inka:

Back carries with 3.6 Inka:

  • Rucksack and Tibetan Carries
  • Back Wrap Cross Carry with rucksack straps (instead of crossed over chest)
  • Double Hammock Carry tied under bum (instead of tied in front)
Robins Hip Carry

Robins Hip Carry

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