Getting a Snug Fit in a Front Carry

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First, put your arm around your baby in the wrap and hold your baby at the position that you want him or her to be held.  While holding your baby right there with one hand, use the other hand to pull the fabric of the wrap tight so that it will hold your baby right there.  After tightening and tying the wrap, when you take your arm away from baby, your baby should not sink lower or change position.  If the baby’s position changed, you did not take all of the slack out of the wrap.  Try again.

This holding and tightening is demonstrated here in a front cross carry:

As I lift my baby, I can see where slack appeared in the wrap.

Holding baby with one hand to find the slack in the wrap.

Pull on the slack for a snug fit.

Pull on the slack for a snug fit.

I pull the slack all the way around to the knot and retie.

I pull the slack all the way around to the knot and retie.

And I have a very serviceable video showing the same technique here:

One detail to note is that the width of the wrap can be tightened all together, as above, but one can also tighten just certain strands.  The wrap pictured above has four colored stripes: orange, green, yellow and red.  You could tighten just along the orange stripe, or any one of those colors, or more than one together.  For example, the green and yellow stripes (the center) might need to be tightened if baby is sinking too far down, while the edges–the orange and red–might be sufficiently tight already.

You will know where to tighten because you are taking up all the slack until the wrap is nice and evenly snug all around your baby.

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