That Looks Hard

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I imagine all babywearers hear it, but wrappers more than most, I think: “I would never be able to do that–I’m not coordinated,” or “That looks so complicated,” or even, “I wish I could do that!”

If you are already wrapping your baby, you may have thought it looked hard at first, too. But now it’s easy. So what do you say to the lady in the store who thinks she could never do it?

Some moms in this community had great suggestions. Tegan says, “It’s easy once you get the hang of it!” Simple and believable 🙂 Then, she shows them! That is key!

Mandy offers to let people try her wrap. Because who is going to invest in a wrap if they don’t believe they can use it?

Siobhan explains that is much harder for her to listen to her baby cry. Ah, the emotional argument!

And Haddas tells them that her 6 year old niece taught her…that puts it in perspective!

So whatever you say, keep it light, and speak from the heart. Remember that saying something like, “It’s not that hard, and it helps me so much!” can be more persuasive than a well-thought out argument with bullet points and scientific references.

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