This week.

I’ve hardly been on the computer the past week.  I haven’t blogged, I’ve let my messages and emails go stale, and I couldn’t take pictures because the old ones weren’t uploaded.

I did:

  • spend the Solstice with my daughters and some friends (aged 5 and 2).  We made suns out of clay and out of tissue paper, and blew big, rainbow bubble spheres to dance around with.
  • clean my house and hide gifts for a daddy scavenger hunt.
  • have family over for a Father’s Day Party.
  • paint bookshelves, and color code our books.
  • rearrange the dining room for more crawling space.

I had a lovely, slow, non-technological kind of week.  But I missed blogging about our last mom’s meeting, and I had a lot of messages to catch up on.  The fact is that I love writing, love staying touch, and have an internet business to keep up with.  I love technology too.  The fact is, there just aren’t enough hours, so we juggle as best we can!

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