Today Show and Babywearing

Babywearing keeps babies closer to parents, and I’m always happy when the word is getting out.  So I was pleased to see the Today Show cover babywearing.  This was some great exposure that covered the recall of dangerous slings, but in general cast babywearing in a pretty good light!

Today Show on Babywearing

This is mainstream America, and I’m not expecting them to get HOW COOL wraps are!  I’m really pleased that the Moby wrap was featured as the most comfortable of the baby carriers they tried out!  For a back carry, though, please do get a sturdy woven wrap!  Why you don’t use the Moby for a back carry.

I do not recommend wearing babies facing outward, as was shown on the segment, though some babywearing pros consider it harmless when done mindfully and for short periods of time.

I do not recommend ever wearing babies with their legs dangling from the crotch, as an outward facing Bjorn positions them.  There’s no need to subject babies to this uncomfortable hanging position that is stressful on their developing spines–not when a good wrap will provide an easy way to make a seat under your baby in any position!

And those hiking backpack carriers?  Sure, they’re convenient for being able to go out with your toddler/preschooler, ditching the stroller (I’m always about ditching the stroller), etc.  But they don’t contribute to the major babywearing perk of staying close against each other.  So, I don’t object to them.  But just imagine adding cuddling time to the equation, and that’s why I love wraps above carriers like this!

In fact, I smugly noted that a good woven wrap can do everything that those carriers were recommended for.  One good woven wrap.

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