Travelling and Wrapping

1st September, 2011 / Wrap Your Baby Business / No Comments

Wrapped up baby feeding the ducks.

For the past two and a half months we’ve been traveling (those of you ordering wraps may see varying postmarks!) and the wrap has taken us everywhere from way out in nature, to the Staten Island Ferry.  We haven’t missed a step.

I can’t say it’s more helpful than when we’re at home though, because I use it just as much when I’m being a domestic stay at home mother and housewife type.

And conducting business on the road?  A little tricky because the internet connection and electricity are not reliable–we’re not in hotel rooms, but in our motorhome.  And it’s a very little motorhome so we have to take out the kids’ carseats when we get an order to take a wrap out from the underseat storage.  This hasn’t been too bad, since we just pretty much do this once a day before we drive, and the carseats are taken out every night to change the seats into the girls’ bed anyway.  We sure could have used some of that storage space for clothes, though.  Or craft supplies!

But we’ve kept up relatively well with customer communications and we’ve maintained a speedy shipping rate, and I think the experiment could be summarized as a success!

We’re back in Florida now, where all the grandparents are, and where our house is still under negotiations.  Still under negotiations means it still belongs to us, so that gives us somewhere to park and plug in while we’re here.  And we’re staying a while because we want to have Thanksgiving with our whole family, since we won’t be here for Christmas.  And we’ve got plenty to do before we leave around the first of December.  I would love to get some work done on the Wrap Your Baby business, including but not limitted to:

  • picking photo contest winners (from the contest I held a few months back)
  • compiling a photo montage from the contest entries and sharing it with the world
  • making a super quick “nursing from FWCC” video
  • making a tandem babywearing video
  • putting together a pregnancy wrapping video
  • updating my mailing list
  • adding gift certifcates to my website
  • adding a couple of products for sale on my website
  • adding some sponsorship to my blog

We have a lot of goals that are not Wrap Your Baby related, too, so we’ll see how much gets done!  But as always, I’m available by email, on Facebook, and we are shipping out orders every day.  And at least I’m not bored!

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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