Two Year Old Back Wrap

18th April, 2010 / Baby Wrap Tips / 4 Comments

This post is just for Dannette, who wants to know how to wrap up her two year old.  First, I recommend a back carry.  By this age it gets unwieldy to wear them on the front and a back carry is more comfortable than a hip carry.

If your son is going to want to go up and down a lot, I recommend the Rucksack Carry, as it is the fastest to get up and down.  It is also great for the Summer with only one layer of wrap over your toddler.  This is the one I used when we were at the zoo when Ada was two and three years old.  Her legs would get tired so up she’d go.  A few minutes later she’d see something interesting and down she’d come.  A few minutes later she wanted to be carried again…

The Rucksack can be done tied around the waist, which is the fastest and easiest method for me and I demonstrate it with a toddler in this video:

The Rucksack can also be tied Tibetan style which you can see if you scroll down to the bottom of my rucksack page:

Or the Rucksack can be done with a short wrap (rebozo), and simply tied under your child’s bottom, instead of brought back around to the front to tie.  This way there is nothing going around your waist and you have less wrap to carry while your toddler is not up.  Here we are with a Rucksack tied under the bottom at the zoo when Ada was two:


For longer wearing, say if you expect him to stay wrapped up for a hike, a grocery trip, or if you expect him to fall asleep, a multi-layered carry might prove more comfortable in the long run.  Whereas the rucksack Carry supports your child with one layer of fabric, other carries that wrap around your child more than once often feel more supportive for a heavier child.  Try one of these:

The Double Hammock Carry is my favorite with a little baby, but it is extremely supportive with a bigger child as well.  The weight of your child is spread across your entire torso, waist, and both shoulders.  In this video I demonstrate the DHC with a sleeping toddler:

The Back Wrap Cross Carry is also very supportive, but the child may ride lower on your back, and not be able to see over your shoulders.  It’s great for a sleeping big kid, and I demonstrate it with a four year old girl:

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  • Dannette April 18, 2010 at 10:04 am

    Thank you so much!!! I am so excited to have all this information:) I am also happy to know, even though Miles is turing 2 doesn’t mean I can’t still wear him! He loves being carried & I love to carry him, but for long trips to is becoming more of a challenge (the husband & I passing him back & forth;) I am going to start practicing these today & hopefully I will be all ready come summertime, with all the busy running – farmers markets & wilderness hikes we have planned. Thank you again Diana, for taking the time to post this, so excellent!


  • Dannette April 18, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    sorry for all the typos, typing left handed while nursing. lol :))


  • Kia April 19, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    Thanks for the links to the videos! I’m going to learn the double hammock carry so I can take my 2 yr old on walks and maybe take up dancing again!


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