Using the KinderCoat with a Hip Cross Carry

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Hip Cross Carry Little Baby or Toddler or Big Kid

Hip Carries have never been my favorite, but there have been phases when I found it very handy and this was one of those times:

  • my son was 8 months old
  • we were traveling somewhere different every day
  • it was cold

Hip Cross Carry was my go-to hip carry. I like how simple and versatile it is!

Here we are at the playground appreciating the ability pop baby in and out of the wrap easily:

The Deluxe KinderCoat is made to use with front, back, and hip carries, but the regular KinderCoat is only designed for front and back carries.  Nonetheless, I find it pretty easy to use with a child in a hip carry, and you could do the same with a self-made babywearing coat.

In this video I’m using the insert of the regular Kindercoat. It works exactly the same with the full coat:

And here’s where I demonstrate the versatility I was talking about that comes with Hip Cross Carry:

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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