When to Tie Tibetan

8th February, 2012 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments

Double Hammock Carry tied Tibetan
Nicole posted pictures on our Facebook page of her custom Double Hammock  Carry.  She doesn‘t like how those rucksack straps feel (they dig into her shoulders).  So she does the DHC tied Tibetan style.  Problem solved!

Any carry that has rucksack straps can be done Tibetan instead.  Crossing the straps over your chest like in a Back Wrap Cross Carry can also be done instead of rucksack straps.

These variations can help solve the problems some mamas have with straps cutting off circulation to their arms, or with the straps slipping off their shoulders.  Many people love rucksack straps, but every body’s different so try ‘em all and see which style makes you most comfortable.

If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mom, you want to make sure you are not pinching any milk ducts because a clogged duct will NOT make your life easier.  So when wrapping over any part of your chest, spread well, tighten evenly to avoid pressure points, and pay attention to any discomfort!

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