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4th April, 2012 / Wrap Your Baby Business / No Comments

All of the companies I work with are small enough to remain very much in tune with customers’ needs and wants, and so it should be no surprise that wraps are sometimes discontinued to make room for new colors and designs as they emerge.  Here’s a look at some of the changes over the past year:

Seattle EllaRoo

Seattle EllaRoo

I was disappointed to learn recently that EllaRoo has discontinued their rebozo (2.7 meter) size wraps.  I loved EllaRoo rebozos for quick carries, loved the thinness, and the fringe.  I have only one remaining EllaRoo rebozo in stock: Seattle.  The brand I have in my store that is still available in rebozo size is Storchenwiege, and luckily, they have many colors to choose from.  They are thicker which is nice for a cushier feel on the shoulders, and should still not be too warm for a Summer wrapping solution as a one-layered rebozo carry admits plenty of air flow.  Reports are that the organic Bio Louise Storchenwieges are thinner and cooler than the other weaves.

In the beautiful world of Bali Breeze, brought to us by the GypsyMama, we have seen several new colors this year, and said goodbye to several more (Gaia, Haumea, Whitman).  The latest wrap to be added to the discontinued list is Alice, which has been a pretty good seller for me, but I am consoled by the fact that she is always coming up with new beauties to replace the old and I would hate to miss out on new artwork just because I couldn’t let go 🙂  I still have some Alice wraps in stock (if you don’t see your size, email me as I may be able to get one), but there will be no more manufactured so these are the last.  Here’s Alice:

Alice Bali Breeze wrap

Alice Bali Breeze, with mother and baby Mynah birds

But such pretty new Bali Breeze!  My favorite is Hope, but you can see all three: Rainbow Hope, Purple & Grey Lily, and brown & pink Lana in my store right now.

Batik Rainbow Hope wraparound baby carrier

Batik Rainbow Hope

And in the world of Storchenwiege, we have two brand new Leos (the famously soft, supple, cuddly, and beloved weave exclusive to Storch wraps)–Bordeaux and Cafe.  Which makes for seven gorgeous Leo colors now available in all sizes!

New Storchenwiege Leo Bordeaux baby wrap

Leo Bordeaux Storch

And I’ve got my own plans for releasing an exclusive to Wrap Your Baby wrap.  But that’s not news yet.  You’ll just have to wait…

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