Wrapping and your Diaper Bag

13th November, 2013 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments

A lot of moms wonder how you carry a diaper bag when you wear your baby.  Here a few different ways you can do it:

  • Backpack, if wearing baby in a front carry.
  • Messenger bag over the wrap (front or back carry)
  • Messenger bag under the wrap (front or back carry)
  • Diaper Bag over one shoulder (front or back carry)
  • Fanny Pack

Messenger Bags are great for slinging over your wrap job.  Here you can see a messenger bag with a back carry or a front carry.

Pregnant wearing messenger bag over back wrap.

Galen is wearing a messenger style bag over her right shoulder and the strap is laying over the wrap that is holding the baby on her back.


Wearing a diaper bag over a wrap.

Messenger Bag style diaper bag slung over baby wrap. The bag is on Carissa's right shoulder in this picture.


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