Wrapping Someone Else’s Baby

Grandmother wearing baby in a woven wrap.

Cassidy with his Grammy


Is it a good idea to wrap up someone else’s baby when you are caring for them? What about when your baby or toddler is with grandma, the babysitter, or at daycare–should you encourage those people to wrap your baby?


A baby wrap is a safe, warm, known refuge for a small person from all the confusion and excitement of the wide world. Being able to provide that safe place for your baby when mommy is away is one of the great boons of babywearing and it is a lucky baby or toddler who has alternate caregivers that wear him or her until mommy’s return.

* Wrapping up a baby that is not yours will keep him more content.
* A wrap will make it easier for you to provide loving care.
* It will provide the baby with a familiar and trusted environment, like a favorite teddy or security blanket.
* It tells the baby that he or she is safe and loved.
* Wrapping up baby will most likely put the baby to sleep.

Teach your babysitters, daycare, and extended family about wrapping. Show them it’s not so hard. Let them find out for themselves how rewarding and wonderful it is, both in keeping baby content and in the way it will warm their own hearts to be wrapped up with such a cuddly bundle.

Doing so is all benefit, with no downside!

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