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24th August, 2013 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments

Last month I asked babywearing parents to share their knowledge by making a video of how they do various wrap carries, so that I could share their techniques with more moms and dads through my website.  I think that parents and families can benefit the most from the freely shared knowledge from other parents, as embodied by the African proverb each one teach one.  And I think this method of spreading knowledge is far more useful and empowers all of us more than parenting books, parenting experts, or other authoritarian organizations.  Anything that helps you is great, and I am not asking you to adopt my opinion, but this is my preference for education of any kind.

I received so many wonderful videos.  I want to thank everybody who made a video SO MUCH.  I was unable to use all of them, as some were redundant, and I had to look at which ones had the clearest picture, best lighting, best sound, and clearest instructions so they would be the most help to the internet community.  This was not intended as a competition, however there are certain logistical needs that I had to meet.

I also promised to send a woven wrap donation to four babywearing groups who were represented by the video submissions. Here are my four video categories, the group that will be receiving a wrap, and the video that won the wrap for each group (by random draw).  If you let the video play to the end, I believe that the rest of the playlist in the same category will play so you can see several of the submissions, all of which are great.

Babywearing International of Central New York wins a wrap for the category Tied at Shoulder Carries:

Vancouver Island Carriers for a Cause will receive a wrap for the category Nursing in a Woven Wrap:

Babywearers NYC will be receiving a wrap for the category Supporting Sleeping Baby’s Head in a Back Carry:

and Babywearing International of Hampton Roads wins a wrap donation for the category Wrap Instruction by a Dad:


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