Wrapping with Siblings

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Playing in a Baby Wrap

We’ve talked about all the benefits of babywearing. Benefits to baby’s growth and happiness, benefits to parents’ taking care of themselves, their homes, their other commitments, and their own happiness.

What about other kids? If your baby is not baby #1, then you can add these benefits to the list:

  • You can dance with your son on the beach with your baby, so they can always hear the music.
  • Your baby’s needs are met AND you can open a popsicle wrapper at the same time.
  • You are able to check your daughter’s math homework without the distraction of a fussy baby.
  • Everyone has a hand to hold in the parking lot.
  • You can hold two of your “babies” at once without breaking your back.
  • Naptime doesn’t keep you from going to a playdate, out to eat, or to your 8 year old’s soccer game.
  • Your older kids get to go hiking with you in the woods to see waterfalls, or wade through a creek.
  • Your arms are free for hugging.
  • Make that transition to “big brother” a little easier on the little guy 🙂

Sibling Bonding with Woven Wrap


Toddler wrapped up at the Grand Canyon

We took our baby, toddler, and 7 year old to the Grand Canyon last Winter. Here's my husband wearing our toddler. Guess where the baby was!

Toddler Wrapping with Dad on the coast of Maine

We couldn't have made it out onto these beautiful rocks at the end of a forest trail on the coast of Maine if our baby and toddler were confined to strollers.


Holding Toddler's Hand

Ready for anything!


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