You Can Easily Homeschool Kids, Babywearing Mom

30th January, 2020 / Parenting & Baby Tangents / 1 Comment
Easily homeschool kids - from Wrap Your Baby to Teach Your Child - the natural journey from babywearing mom to homeschooling mom

As a babywearing mom and connected parent, you can easily homeschool kids. Let me explain:

Any good mom is homeschooling before she sends her kids to school, whether she has thought about it that way or not.

You are speaking to, singing to, and playing with your baby.

You are exposing them to colors and shapes and sounds and textures. ‘

You take them on walks and to parks, and shopping and the zoo.

You spend time at the library reading, or pulling books off shelves, or doing baby/toddler library activities.

You point out birds and airplanes overhead. You take them to the beach and help them put their toes in the sand, and in the water.

They get older. You teach them to look both ways and hold your hand before crossing the street.

You still take them to the zoo and the park and the beach and the store. You show them how to choose apples that aren’t bruised. You teach them the names of all the different animals and where in the world they are from.

You read more books. You play hide and seek. You get them art supplies and do crafts or puzzles together. You bake cookies.

All of that is homeschooling.

It is age appropriate exploration. It is child led pursuits and a deepening understanding of the world.

If you do some of those things with your little kid, I can help show you how you can easily homeschool kids by continuing to do these kinds of things as your child gets older year by year and end up with a well educated child who hasn’t had their love of learning dulled and is set up to be able to follow their own dreams as an adult.

Would you be interested? Want to know how this could be possible?

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1 Comment

  • Laura Sherman March 20, 2020 at 10:10 pm

    Homeschooling is a wonderful adventure. I agree that there are so many lessons in our everyday life. When we go to the supermarket, we work from lists, compare prices and learn about budgeting. We do this as a family and there are so many valuable lessons in these activities for children of all ages. Even navigating the aisles with the shopping cart is a good precursor to driving.

    Family walks are another great educational experience. Our children now know so much about various plants, lizards and insects. It’s amazing to see the world through their eyes.

    Children truly love to learn. It’s a pleasure to learn with them!


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