Saltwater Double Hammock Carry (DHC) Fancy Finish

Saltwater Double Hammock Carry is just a fancy finish you can add to your DHC. And if you already know how to do Double Hammock Carry, adding a Saltwater Finish will be the easy part. Otherwise, follow this DHC tutorial and then come back here for the fancy finish!

So, are you ready to learn a Saltwater Finish and fancy up your Double Hammock Carry?

In most cases, you can do a Double Hammock Carry with your base size wrap. Well you can do this fancy finish with the same base size wrap if you tie behind your back under your baby’s bottom. Or you can do this carry and tie in front if you use your base size plus 1.

If you do not know your base size (the wrap length you need for full length carries) find out your woven wrap size here.

Learn the Saltwater Finish from my photo tutorial or video tutorial below:

Saltwater Double Hammock Step 1Saltwater Double Hammock Step 2
Saltwater Double Hammock Tutorial Step 3Saltwater Double Hammock Tutorial Step 4
Saltwater Double Hammock Tutorial Step 5Saltwater Double Hammock Tutorial Step 6
Saltwater Double Hammock Tutorial Step 7Tutorial for Double Hammock Carry with Saltwater Finish

Watch the replay of my live Saltwater Finish video (bonus: I’ll show you Freshwater Finish, too):

Saltwater Finish, Freshwater Finish, Goddess Finish . . . these fancy finishes don’t change the comfort of your Double Hammock Back Carry but do let you show off your wrapping skills and your pretty wrap. And they make wrapping more fun because you get to develop your skill and produce a beautiful effect with your wrapping. I mean, yes, we wrap because it makes life easier, and because it makes baby happier. But it also happens to be a hobby that is an art and a skill!

Double Hammock Saltwater Finish Tutorial

I think these finishes look prettiest with a rainbow wrap. If you try it, send me a picture!

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