Where Strollers Dare Not Go: Grand Canyon

8th February, 2012 / Where Strollers Dare Not Go / 1 Comment


Babywearing at the Grand Canyon is the way to go! A stroller might be able to get to the railing overlooking the Grand Canyon, but from there all you get is a view like a postcard.  While we would love to hike through the canyon, my husband and I are saving that for when the kids are older . . . possibly moved out 😛  Today we settled for plunging down into the canyon only a short way.  Enough to get a sense of the immensity and a taste of the craggy winding way. Here’s a picture of the trail, complete with icy patches:
Steep, windy Grand Canyon Trail

So David wrapped 2 year old Annabelle in a front wrap cross carry (our 4.6 meter EllaRoo just makes it around them for this carry) and took our seven year old by the hand to help her navigate the icy trail.  I popped Cassidy (9 months) on my back in a Short Double Hammock Carry with my 3.1 meter Inka Storchenwiege  (video below) and threw a warm babywearing kindercoat over us, leaving my arms and hands free for balance, and photography (whichever seems most urgent at any given time).

Sleeping in the wrap inside the Grand Canyon
Beautiful Family, Magestic Grand Canyon, toddler babywearing!

Wrapping allowed us to get the experience we wanted, and it allowed all three of our little ones to get an experience they wouldn’t have otherwise (like sleeping through the Grand Canyon).  Because, life is for living, no matter your age, and there are endless possibilities waiting to be experienced in every juicy detail!

Wrapping and Hiking the Grand Canyon

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