Why A Woven Wrap?

24th May, 2012 / Baby Wrap Benefits / 2 Comments

Wearing a Toddler With a Woven Wrap

There are two main categories of wraparound carrier: those that are stretchy, generally made of knit jersey material; and those that are woven which are sturdier and safer for bigger children.

I only sell wraps. And I only sell woven wraps. Because wovens are the most versatile and comfortable carrier I have found. They are the one carrier I know that can do it all so that one purchase will last a family through many children, or even generations. To my mind, stretchy wraps are an altogether different kind of carrier, and fits into my “other” category:

Ring slings, pouches, mei tais and Asian Baby Carriers, soft structured carriers like the Beco and Ergo, and stretchy wraps like Moby and the Sleepywrap are all great babywearing options with which I have no beef. They provide ergonomic positions for your baby and allow parents to keep their babies close to their hearts while accomplishing daily tasks or hiking off the beaten path. For those who want to save money or space by forgoing many other baby devices, a good baby carrier can eliminate the need for other bulky or costly pieces of baby gear. They are all super stars, in my mind!

But which of them cocoons a newborn—no matter how small—in a womb-like cradle against your chest; is equally suited to keeping your growing, inquisitive baby safe and close while you go about your daily activities together; and provides a strong, comfortable place on your back for your toddler while you hike, or shop, or dance, and while they nap, or relax, or laugh and point, and engage in the world with you.

Which of them allows an infinite ability to customize on the go, providing head support as needed, allowing babies arms to be tucked in or out, offering carries that give your baby a view or those that tuck them against you for cuddling, supporting a nursing position, allowing for wearing multiple children or those with special needs, supporting little ones from preemie to preschool, fitting caregivers of different sizes without adjustment, promoting the comfort of the babywearer by accommodating different physical needs, and offering many options for front, back, and hip carries that are not awkward, all with one simple carrier?

So, why woven wraps? Because, in their simplicity, a simple piece of cloth really can accomplish the most for families.

Woven Wrap - Babywearing in Lake Eerie

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  • Lauren December 15, 2012 at 11:37 am

    just want to say, thank you! i am an expectant mother, and have been thinking about wraps for a while now, and everyone said they are too much work, but your tutorials have made it so easy to understand. cant wait to try them out for real!


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