3 Ways to Use Your Short Woven Wrap Like a Ring Sling

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Did you know you can use a size 2 or 3 woven wrap as a ring sling with OR WITHOUT sling rings?

While a ring sling is a one-trick-pony, a short woven wrap can do the same job as a ring sling OR be used for other wrap carries. Versatility for the win!

I’ll show you how to use your wrap as a ring sling:

  • as a ring sling with a slipknot
  • with rings that are not sewn in
  • or with NO KNOT and NO RINGS

That gives you plenty of options and can make you a bit of a pro with a shortie wrap 😉

1: Traditional Sling Carry Instead of a Ring Sling

First up is the Traditional Sling Carry (TSC) – so called because this way of wrapping has been used for a loooong time in several cultures.

In fact, the ring sling was invented to copy THIS carry.

It’s a loop around you, over one shoulder, under the opposite arm, ties just below the shoulder, and baby sits in the loop.

BUT when you tie it with a slipknot, it’s adjustable. That’s where the idea of the ring sling came from.

Watch my tutorial for the Traditional Sling Carry with a short wrap, similar to how a special rebozo (scarf) is used to carry babies in Mexico:

2: No-Sew Ring Sling with 2 Sling Rings and a Short Woven Wrap

The 2nd way to use your woven wrap instead of a ring sling is to buy a couple of sling rings (large works for most wraps) and fold the fabric through them without sewing.

The big difference between Traditional Sling Carry and this No-Sew Ring Sling is that the fabric tightens around baby and towards the rings at your shoulder (just like with a sewn ring sling).

Whereas with a TSC you bring the slack in the carry under your arm and up over your shoulder to tighten through the slipknot.

Here – let me show you:

3: No, No, No Carry is a No-Sew, No-Ring, No-Tie Carry

The No-Sew, No-Ring, No Tie Carry is so cool because you can really see how you can do almost anything with a woven wrap – even a very short one!

This carry relies on friction and baby’s weight to lock the carry in place.

It’s not a new idea. Several African countries, for example, utilize tucking to secure baby to mother (or other caregiver) in a piece of cloth. However, it’s a totally different method with a different kind of cloth. See how it’s done on my post about cultural babywearing here.

The No, No, No Carry goes around you and baby the same way, but uses a loop of the wrap in place of the rings used in the No-Sew Ring Sling, and tucks at the end instead of the knot tied in a Traditional Sling Carry.

Here’s how to do it:

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