Sizing Down For Summer

27th May, 2010 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments

Sizing Down with a Short Wrap for Summer

One way to keep cool while you keep wrapping all Summer long, is to use less fabric.  By learning one or two great carries that don’t use much fabric, you can get away with a short wrap that layers across yourself and your baby fewer times.  Fewer layers, means less hot!

Dana and Jocelyn in a Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack (RRRR) in Neobulle Vert Anis

Dana and Jocelyn in a Reinforced Rear Rucksack (RRR)

Short Wrap Front Carries:

Short Wrap Back Carries:

If you’re thinking about using a short wrap for Summer, experiment with these carries with your long wrap.  See which ones you like best, then measure how much extra wrap you have to see how small you can go!  I like a wrap around 3.5 meters for most of these carries.  A size 2 wrap (under 3 meters) is perfect for a Traditional Sling Carry (TSC), which can be worn front, hip, or back!  Size 2 is also long enough for the Reinforced Rear Rucksack (RRR)–a real sturdy short carry!

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