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Wraparound Carrier Sizes
sizing for woven wraps

One of the very best thing about woven baby wraps is that one carrier can serve many functions and fit many people. The size of the woven wrap is much less of a concern than with other carriers that must fit the wearer precisely.

While a person of any size could pick up any size wrap and learn a good, safe, and comfortable way to wear their baby with it, some people prefer different sizes for different purposes.  

When choosing the size for you, consider the person who will be using the wrap the most.  A different size person will be able to use whichever wrap you choose, but may have to learn a different carry.

Keep reading below to get an overview of wrap sizing and find out which length is most often recommended for your size (recommended for new wrappers) OR:

A MEDIUM WRAP is a good choice for most people.  Medium is usually around 4.6 meters long, which is around 5 yards or 15 feet long.  This size will allow you to do most of the popular wrap carries for people up to about 6 ft and 180 lbs.  Someone taller or larger may not be able to do the wrap cross carries, but will still be able to do many carries on the front, hip, and back, such as short cross carry, kangaroo carry, hip cross carry, and rucksack back carry.

Choose a LARGE WRAP (about 5.2 meters) for any of the following reasons:
  • You are taller than 6 ft and/or heavier than 180 lbs and specifically want to use the longer cross carries.
  • You plan to share this wrap with another person who is bigger.
  • You want to use carries that take more fabric, such as the Taiwanese Carry.  
  • You enjoy having longer tails hanging down after you tie your knot.
  • You like to have extra fabric to wrap around yourself or baby again for warmth, security, privacy, etc.
Choose a SMALL WRAP (about 4.2 meters) for any of the following reasons:
  • You are under 130 lbs and less than 5'8 and want to have shorter tails or less fabric to handle.
  • You prefer wrap carries that use less fabric such as the kangaroo carry, hip cross carry and rucksack.
  • You want to have a very portable wrap that folds up small.
Choose an EXTRA LARGE WRAP (about 5.5 meters) if you want to be able to do all of the full length carries and you are around 300 lbs or are at least a US size 24 - 26.

Choose an EXTRA SMALL WRAP (about 3.6 meters) if you want to do short carries only, such as the hip cross carry, abbreviated front wrap cross carry, kangaroo carry, or rucksack carry.  

Some people prefer to use only these short carries in the hottest months, as there is less fabric around yourself and your baby.  Some people also prefer these carries with a toddler or preschooler who wants up and down frequently, as these carries may be quicker to put on and take off, and the smaller wrap is handier to carry or fit in a bag when not in use.

Choose a REBOZO LENGTH WRAP (about 2.7 meters) if you only want to use one-shoulder rebozo carries, such as the hip or cradle carry, or for a two shouldered Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack.  This is another great choice for a highly portable wrap, and a cooler wrapping choice in hot weather.

*Colimacon et Cie wraps have a different sizing model.  Instead of being available in S, M, and L, they are available in half meter increments from 2.5 meters to 6 meters.  If you want a size Small, choose 4.0 meters, which is 10 - 20 cm shorter than most Small wraps.  If you want a size Medium, choose 4.5 meters, which is 10 - 20 cm shorter than most Medium wraps.  If you want large, choose 5.0 meters which is 10-20 cm shorter than most Large wraps. If you are right on the border between two sizes, size up to the next size with a C&C wrap.  The 5.5 meter and 6.0 meter sizes are great options for fluffier mamas that are not available in every wrap brand.

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