Christmas Wrapping (Not Just for Presents)

Babywearing families navigating the Christmas Holiday :

Newborn in baby wrap while mom holds toddler on Santa's lap

Sometimes Santa needs mom’s help to make toddlers feel safe. Wrapped newborn baby for the win!


Picking Out a Christmas Tree with Wrapped Baby

Wrapping baby up on the Christmas tree farm!


Baby wrapped at night to see Holiday LIghts

Wrapped Up under mom’s coat for Christmas Lights.


Baby wrapped on mama's back in beautiful snowscape

Enjoying the snow together with baby!


Wrapped baby and wrapping presents with toddler.

Sharing traditions with a 2 year old is easiest with new baby sister wrapped up snug and content on mama’s chest.


Decorating the tree with baby and toddler wrapped in woven wrap back carries.

All the kids want to help decorate the tree – luckily mom knows how to keep baby content in a back carry while dad wraps up the toddler so he can reach the higher ornaments!


Baby sleeping in a back carry in front of the Christmas Tree

Christmas is exhausting! Wrapping helps little ones feel safe enough to catch a nap in the midst of the season!

2015 Winning Babywearing Costume

Top 3 winning costumes from this year’s babywearing costume contest!

#3 best babywearing costume of the year (1,244 votes):

Family Babywearing Costume: Wrecking Crew

Katie’s family is an impressive looking wrecking crew with baby driver/operator and candy bucket wrecking ball!

#2 best babywearing costume of the year (1,550 votes):

Magic Schoolbus Family Babywearing Costume

Ms Frizzle wearing Liz with the Magic Schoolbus Gang

And the #1 best babywearing costume of the year (1,930 votes) is . . .

Star Wars Babywearing Costume for Mom & Baby

Queen Amidala and Baby Princess Leia

See all 150 babywearing costume entries in the costume contest album on Facebook!

Babywearing Halloween Contest 2015

Do I spy Pumpkin spice . . . everything? Must be time for Wrap Your Baby’s annual Facebook Costume Contest!

One entry will win a free woven wrap!

Start planning your babywearing costume now. Share it on the Wrap Your Baby Facebook page anytime in October. I will share some of the photos on social media or on my blog and on 3 November I will collect all entries to a contest album and voting will occur the first week of November.  The photo with the most likes will win a woven wrap!


  1. Only photos of your own family and with a baby in a baby carrier.
  2. No photos that were submitted to previous years’ contests.
  3. No costumes of ethnic groups or specific cultures other than your own will be included.
  4. I reserve the right not to accept any entry for any reason.
  5. No voting until after Halloween.  Any likes on your photo will not count until after I re-post your photo in Nov so please WAIT to ask friends and family to vote so you don’t have to ask them twice!

Babywearing Costume inspiration from previous years:


Bank Robbers Babywearing Costume

Betsy and partner are adorable as a couple of bank robbers with baby money bag!
Rainbow Bright Babywearing Costume

Dominique is Rainbow Brite, using a rainbow to wrap up her favorite Sprite - Twink!

101 Dalmatians Babywearing Costume

Jessica is Cruella de Vil and she's got one of those Dalmatian puppies wrapped up so he can't get away this time!


Koala in Tree Babywearing Costume

Amanda is a Mama Tree with Baby Koala in a baby carrier. And I've got to mention that adorable Panda with them!


Nightmare Before Christmas Babywearing Costume

Jenna and baby are both adorable and exquisite as Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.



Harry Potter Babywearing Costume

Baby in a sling as Harry Potter and mom Melinda as his Nimbus 2000


Spider in Web Babywearing Costume

Amanda’s baby is an adorable spider in her web for Halloween!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Babywearing Costume

Brittany and baby in a wrap are Michelangelo and Raphael – the most adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I’ve ever seen!



Pirates and Parrot Babywearing Costume

Sylvie and husband are ferocious pirates with baby in sling as their parrot companion!

Aviators Babywearing Costume

Heidi and baby are co-pilots in an awesome plane - super creative!


Bacon and Eggs Babywearing Costume

Alexia and baby as bacon and eggs. I get such a kick out of this awesome babywearing costume!


Monkey in a Mama Tree Babywearing Costume

Monkey in a Mama Tree with Natasha's little monkey in a green wrap.

Mario Bros Family Babywearing Costume

Kristen with baby mushroom, big brother Luigi, and dad as Mario for an unforgettable family babywearing costume!

Become part of the ongoing legend . . . show us what you can do this Halloween!

Natibaby Wool Wrap for Summer

I donated a wool Natibaby wrap to the Babywearing Group in Augusta, Georgia, with the request that they try it out in the Summer and tell me if the rumors are true: is a wool wrap really breathable and (relatively) cool in hot weather?
Here are the responses from members of the Augusta Area Babywearers:
Woven Wrap with Snowflakes

"Thick but not too heavy. I had this wrap in fall and it was perfect. Not too hot at all. Loved the way it wrapped, it got me hooked on baby wearing!" Kaitlyn G.

“This was the first woven wrap I ever used, and it got me hooked on baby wearing! It is thick enough to not be diggy but not too bulky either. It was also surprisingly cool!” – Becca S.


“This wrap is crazy soft! I got so many compliments when I wore it. I don’t have any other wraps to compare it to, but I loved how heavy it was without us getting too hot.” – Kelli M.

“This wrap is so very soft and cozy, “marshmallowy” is a fitting description. I didn’t want to give this wrap back, I was happy to reach for it over and over. It is a bit hotter than 100% cotton at first, but makes up for that by not getting any hotter while wearing. I wrapped with this every day the first week of June, even going outside mid-afternoon, and we didn’t get sweaty or uncomfortable. The thickness was great, not unwieldy and no digging. Slip knots were super easy because of how silky smooth the material was. My baby and I both loved this wrap, I’m pretty sure we both wish we owned it!” – Mary C.


“This wrap was surprisingly comfortable during these hot summer days! Very supportive and easy to wrap with. I definitely wouldn’t have considered a wool before this, but my mind has been changed.” – Felicia D.


I tried this wrap at the beginning of summer and it was not too hot. I found that it was nice and soft. This wrap also is slippery so you have to be ready for some settling and re-knotting. It has definitely opened my eyes to wool not being just a cool weather wrap.” – Kalsie M.


“I really liked this wrap. It is so soft and pliable. I love anything wool in general, so I may be biased. It was super easy to knot and as cool as can be with a multiple pass carry. We never got sweaty or uncomfortable while wearing this. I was surprised at how thin it is compared to my cotton/hemp blend. If washing were easier, I’d jump on the wool train right away.  Sleepy dust for both my 2.5 year old and my six month old.”
– Revellee M.


“This wrap is ALWAYS checked out in our lending library!! Thank you so much for donating it to our group!! ❤” – Erin from Augusta Area Babywearers



Natibaby Wool Blend Wrap with a Toddler

Natibaby Wool is super soft and supportive for big kids, too.

My First Wrapped Baby Turns Eleven

How I became a mother, Wrap Your Baby became a business, and you got 25% off a Natibaby wrap this week – read on!

I became a mother on September 9th 2004.  It was a girl!  I had planned to name her Molly if she was a girl but once he met her, David insisted that she didn’t look like a Molly.

Wrap Your Baby's First Baby Birth

Does she look like a Molly?

We spent our first day together in bed (all three of us) trying out names and the first one we all really liked was Ada.  David’s father comes from a Jewish family and we loved that Ada is a form of the Hebrew name Adah, which is found in the bible and means “ornament” or “brightness.”  I didn’t find out until later that Ada means First Born Daughter in the Nigerian language Igbo,  and while we have no known ties to Nigeria, I love that it is appropriate in another language as well.

We gave her my maternal grandmother’s name for her middle name and she became Ada Maria, thus giving her another tie to her heritage, this time to her great grandmother who was half Puerto Rican and half Cuban.  Of course, Maria is a name referring the mother of Jesus, giving her two biblical names.

And then, when she was three days old, we fled the home where she was born in the face of Hurricane Ivan, which meant a very unplanned roadtrip to Georgia with a 3 day old baby (we were fortunate that the hurricane did not hit our city and we would soon return to an intact home).

Babywearing Dad and newborn in Snugli

Trying out the Snugli with her daddy outside of a motel.

While pregnant, I remembered seeing a mother wrapped up with a little baby at a tiny grocery store in Washington DC when I was a teenager.  That was how I wanted to carry my baby.  But I didn’t know what she was using, what it was called, or how to find it, all these years later, and I didn’t know anybody who wrapped their baby in that way.   But I did my best and before she was born I purchased a Second-hand Snugli carrier at a children’s consignment shop for about $10 and I ordered a Maya Wrap Sling from an ad in Mothering magazine – the only kind of cloth baby carrier I could find.

We tried the Snugli over the two days that we were out of town during her first week of life.  We knew we liked having her close and could see how a baby carrier would ease our transition to becoming parents.

We soon learned that Ada was only happy when being held, and usually only wanted me to hold her.   Since I couldn’t hold her in the car, she screamed during car rides, and that resulted in a lot more stay-at-home days.  I broke out the olive green Maya Wrap and I did use it some but it wasn’t love.  Without knowing any other ringslinger, I had no one to help me get the hang of making it really comfortable and useful to us.


Having Trouble Getting the Hang of the Ringsling

Going for a walk together, but the ringsling is still awkward for us.

I liked the idea of the ringsling – a piece of fabric binding us together – better than the Snugli, but working the rings wasn’t intuitive for me and it never clicked.

As for the Snugli, Ada was just about 3 months old when I stopped using that.  We were diapering her with prefolds and wool covers – perfect way to combine the frugality dictated by our recent transition to a single income and the natural fibers we knew were the only thing we wanted around our baby’s sensitive parts – but this resulted in a very big diaper and (I’m not even exaggerating here) one day when I took the Snugli off I had to spend two minutes prying Ada out of it.  I was afraid if I ever put her in it again, it would be for good!

Meanwhile, Ada still wanted to be in arms constantly.  I didn’t want to try to “teach her” independence while she was still so dependent.  I didn’t want her to get used to the idea that her clear communication and biologically normal instincts wouldn’t be answered.  But I also didn’t want her under the care of a mother who was short on sleep, sanity, and the ability to feed herself and keep healthy for her family!

I took to the internet and discovered – what a treasure trove!  Long before Facebook existed, that place was full of moms talking about baby carriers for keeping their babies close just like I was trying to do.  And the baby carriers were all I wanted them to be – cloth carriers that put no barrier between baby and mother, derived from traditional and time-tested practices around the world and explained for the layman with help from the most generous moms who had already figured it out and wanted others to, as well  ❤

Poring over the forums, it didn’t take me long to find the one that called to me.  There was no doubt about it, I wanted to be a wrapper.  I loved everything about woven wraps, the closeness, the two-shoulder support, the cocoon like environment for baby, the beautiful fabrics and the style of a beautifully wrapped carry.  I ordered an EllaRoo wrap, famous for being Summer-weight and just what I wanted for constantly wearing a baby in the Florida heat.

While I waited for it to arrive, I studied photos and photo tutorials online (these were the days before YouTube) and advice for new wrappers.  I knew I was ready to use it as soon as I had it in my hands.

Wrapping while visiting TBW

I put the wrap on immediately and got right on The Babywearer to announce myself as a wrapper!

Ada was 4 months old when our Mary Ellaroo arrived.   She was nursing (she was always nursing) and my husband handed the wrap to me and I wrapped it sloppily around us while seated and we loved it immediately!

Ada continued nursing and fell asleep.  I used my hands that were now free to tell my village – the folks on The Babywearer – all about it.

Having found wraps, I sold my ring sling and never looked back.  For people like me, a piece of fabric without any rings or buckles is easier to figure out.  Adjusting is in pulling, spreading and tying – no messing with straps or threading of rings.

Very soon we were travelling with our baby in our wrap.  Wrapping made getting through the airport a breeze.  We wrapped all through the Cincinnati Aquarium with several of my college friends, where Ada was too young to care about the scenery but happy to be wrapped on my chest and able to nurse as much as she wanted without slowing me down.

Attending Great Grandma Kate’s Birthday Dinner at a restaurant in Kentucky was a cinch since we didn’t need to lug in a an infant seat. I am NOT a fan of infant car seats being used to carry babies outside of the car so I was thrilled to have something that worked better, wasn’t heavy, allowed my little one to sleep on the go, and let me keep her close.


Wrapped up at a Family Reunion at a Restaurant

Wrapped up at Grandma Kate's Birthday dinner at a restaurant, leaving my hands free to feed myself.

In December, we took a plane trip to Austin.  Here we are at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar admiring the art for sale.  An art show is not a good place for a toddler – unless they’re wrapped on your back where they can enjoy the atmosphere, fellow shoppers, and view of the visual cacophony of art without jeopardizing it!


Toddler back wrapped up at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar in Austin TX

Standing at a strategic distance from the blown glass Christmas ornaments with one year old Ada wrapped on my back in a Back Wrap Cross Carry

A latina friend pronounced her name “ah-dah” and told me that it is the Spanish word for fairy (although I since learned that the word is spelled with a silent or very soft H – hada).  By the time she was 3, Ada was in love with fairies and wore her wings everywhere we went, and once again I was amazed at how fitting her name seemed to be.  Here she is, wings and all at Busch Gardens with her father.

4 year old Rucksack Carry with Dad

Time to get to a whole 'nother part of the park, and we didn't want to go at 4 year old pace so she got a break in the wrap and had a snack while we traveled through Busch Gardens.


From the Birth of Ada to the Birth of Wrap Your Baby:

Over the course of Ada’s first year, wrapping was such a huge part of my life that I wanted to share it with other moms in the area.  I started teaching wrapping locally, and bought a small number of EllaRoo wraps at wholesale to sell to moms if they liked what I showed them.  My mom helped me build a website with an email address to contact me for anyone who wanted to learn to wrap and I started meeting moms I didn’t know at libraries and parks to give them the opportunity to try wrapping.  They almost always bought a wrap after one of our sessions.

I created several wrapping photo tutorial pages on my website, using Ada as my model and they started to get shared around the web.  A few years later I added an online wrap store and a few years after that my husband stopped doing construction work in order to help me ship wraps and now this business Ada inspired supports our family of 5.

How did this happen?  Becoming a mother was momentous and it took over my life at the time.  The one piece of baby gear that made a huge difference to my quality of life every single day was my wrap. Without a comfortable and easy way to hold my baby, we both would have cried a lot more tears.  I would not have been able to take care of myself well enough to take good care of my family, would not have been able to get out of the house so often, or met and helped so many families, and might well have gone crazy for a while.

Eleven Years Later

Ada Maria has bloomed into a sweet young lady who still loves fairies but seldom wears wings, who loves to read and draw and do origami.  She loves playing with her younger siblings and is a great help to her parents. I don’t regret a moment of holding her close.

Newborn Baby Ada

Our first baby, brand new - how happy does she make us already?


2 year old Rucksack TUB Feeding Giraffe

We used to go to the zoo all the time when she was 2, and on my back was the best place for her to feel safe and also have a view for feeding the Giraffes!


Ada Babywearing her Doll

4 years old - Ada loved to wrap up her doll everywhere we went


5 minutes after becoming a big sister

Ada was 5 when her sister Annabelle was born at home in our livingroom.

Ada at her brother's birth

Ada was with us when her brother was born when she was 6


Parents and 3 kids all in woven wraps.

Wrapping family: David has 2 year old Cassidy wrapped, I have 3 year old Annabelle wrapped, and Ada, age 8, is wrapping her doll!


10 year old photographer

Ada the photographer, age 10

Thanks for attending my celebration of Ada.  Since you stuck around to the end, I have a party favor for you:

25% off Natibaby wraps in my store
with coupon code ELEVEN


Coupon is good through Wednesday, the 9th of September on Natibaby wraps (the new silk Nursing Love wrap is not included in this sale) in my store. Can not be combined with other discounts, with the exception of 2nds Quality wraps that are already marked at a lower price (the code will take 25% off the price marked in the store).

List of Available Natibaby Wraps:

Limited quantities in limited sizes and they are going fast but here is what’s left as of noon my time (US EST) 4 Sept: 

BARGAIN denotes either a wrap that is marked by the manufacturer as 2nds quality (containing one or more weaving flaws that do not compromise the integrity of the wrap and are usually not noticeable when wrapped) or a wrap that was used for a photo shoot and washed once, or has been returned in new condition by a customer.

Dark Olive Linen Colibri size 7 (unlisted – please email me if you want this wrap)

Bargain Rainbow Song Linen Blend, size 7 

Ring Sling – Original Nati Notes (black background with white music), 100% Cotton, lightly used, size Medium

Black on White Hemp Blend Notes, size 7

Black on White Linen Blend Notes, size 4, 5, 7
Bargain Black on White Linen Notes, size 5 and 6
Red Notes Linen Blend, size 5 and 6
Bargain Red Notes, size 7
Red Notes Wool Blend, size 5, 6, and 7
Rainbow Notes Hemp Blend, size 5, 6, and 7
Ring Sling – Rainbow Notes, size S and M
Bargain Rainbow Notes, size 5 and 6
Red/Gray Nursing Love Hemp Blend, size 5
Bargain Red/Gray Nursing Love, size 6
Brown Henna Linen Blend, size 2, 3, 4, 5
Ring Sling – Brown Henna
Bargain Winter Trees Linen Blend, size 4
Yellow Flames Cotton, size 4, 5, 7, 8
Blue Flames Cotton, size 4, 5, 6, 8 

Turquoise Winter Wool Blend, size 2, 4, 5, 7

Annabelle Pink/Black Linen Blend, size 6 and 7
Bargain Annabelle, size 5 and 6
Greenman Hemp Blend, size 4, 5, 7
Ring Sling – Greenman, size L

What do you love about wrapping your baby?

Wrapped Baby and Big Sister

“I’m mom of a 22 month old and a 5 week old. I only wrap my 5 week old. What I love about wrapping is that i can keep my baby so close in an extremely comfortable and natural way. Not only does it keep baby close and free my hands, but it also keeps my baby feeling calm and secure and soothes him when he’s upset.” ~Jacqueline
Wrapping Soothes Temper Tantrums

"When I wrap my toddler (or wear her in an SSC), her temper tantrums diffuse because she's instantly comforted. It's priceless--both for our sanity and our bond." ~Katherine

Wrapped baby getting kissed.

"One of my twins, Annie, 3 years ago. This was my 30th birthday, she was 7 weeks old, and this is the wrap that got her back to the NICU every day to visit her twin sister once Annie was discharged <3" ~Jamie


One twin wrapped on mom for cuddles.

"Everything! The cuddles, the comfort not just it's comfortable but they are comforted by it, the close enough to kiss, the wrap naps, the wrappy happy when they wave to everyone walking past... I also love the wraps, the blends, thicknesses, the lengths and what you can do... The feeling of achievement when you nail that carry. #ilovebabywearing" ~Zoe


Twins wrapped in Wrapsody Breeze with scarf

"Breastfeeding two at a time. I'm no longer shackled to a chair; I can do things with my other 3 kids (6,6,&1) when my 3 month old twins need to eat." -anonymous mommy to 5

Toddler wrapped on mom's back.

"I love being able to easily calm my toddler(20 months) down when he's tired and cranky; he loves his wrap naps. Also, being able to keep him safe and secure while we are out and about, especially in crowded areas. He is often easily overwhelmed and putting him up in the wrap allows him to people watch and still feel safe." ~Concha


Wrapped up as newborn and bigger baby.

"My husband is from South Africa, he is Zulu and family of course tie babies to the back using a towel or cloth. unfortunately all his family live in SA so there was no way of teaching me this way (plus they usually wait till baby is a little bigger) but what i did know from seeing this style of carrying is that baby's back naturally has that curve and the hips/legs are supported up never dangling, and the weight is distributed across baby's bottom. So i always made sure the wrap was pulled across sort of bum to knee each side, so im very thankful now that i went with my instincts and didn't try anything else. I did eventually get my SA back tie lesson when we made it out for our 1st visit when my son was just over a year old, but family really liked the woven wrap and thought it was great (and actually with my body structure the long woven wrap is best for me and baby I think). Family were really touched though by me embracing baby carrying as it has such a cultural significates. It really ment/means a lot to my husband, so again I really have you thank again for being a resource in helping me achieve that and continuing to do so." ~Janet-Marie


Babywearing, Family, Special Needs

Connie graciously allowed me to share her Facebook post to friends from earlier this month:

Wrapping Family, Special Needs

Why do we babywear?

For my child with cerebral palsy, babywearing allows him to engage with the world when he was a non-walking toddler; now he walks with orthotics, but tires easily, the carrier allows me to offer him rest and respite.

For my child with ASD, the snug hold of a carrier helps him to organize and calm down when he feels overwhelmed and in need of refuge.

Babywearing allows our children to be fully engaged in the world. We take them places that strollers cannot go, we show them the world that we see. My child who cannot walk without his braces can still go up a mountain, or down to the edge of the sea. My child who gets over-stimulated can still participate in our family and friends’ celebrations and be a part of the community.

One of the fears I have as a mother to special needs children is that their world will be smaller and dimmer than I’d hoped for them. Babywearing helps me to combat that, to write a different future for them, in a world where they know, from the beginning, that they belong.

How to Share Babywearing with the World without being OBNOXIOUS

What do you love about wrapping your baby?

I know you love wrapping your baby: the closeness, the connection, and the convenience!  AND it’s so pretty!  And mastering the different wrap carries is fun and makes you feel a sense of accomplishment!

Naturally, you want to share this amazingness with EVERYBODY.  But does everybody want to hear?  Are you just turning everybody off of babywearing with your enthusiasm?

Some tips for SHARING YOUR LOVE OF BABYWEARING (without being obnoxious):

AVOID posting excessive studies, articles, or other “proofs” about how great babywearing or wrapping are.

INSTEAD talk about the things you’ve been able to do comfortably and easily thanks to a baby carrier:

Ditch the Stroller

Eating out in a red Nati Notes wrap with music notes.


AVOID looking like a looney when you suggest that a mom might want to wear her baby AND her 40 lb toddler at the same time.  Leave tandem wearing discussions between expert babywearers and keep it tame for the general public.

INSTEAD mention how wrapping your newborn made it so much easier to care for your toddler:

Spending time with big brother while baby is wrapped.

Baby sleeps in a Natibaby Winter wrap while mom reads with the toddler.


AVOID telling your newly pregnant friend that she’s going to prefer a baby carrier to a bucket seat.  Positioning yourself in opposition to what she’s always seen and expected just weakens your credibility.

INSTEAD mention that you personally preferred a wrap because the seat was heavy:

Wrapping so you don't have to carry a bucket seat or push a stroller.

Unlike carseats and strollers, this Nati Odyssey wrap is neither heavy nor bulky.


Share super cool wrapping related things when you come across them like this babywearing orchestra:


And mostly, just share about your family having fun like everyone else does on Facebook, and if wrapping is a part of your life, it will show up in your pictures and stories without having to force it.

Babywearing family playing together in the water.

Jumping off the rock at Lithia Spring!

Pediatric Babywearing

Mandy is a pediatric nurse.  She doesn’t work in NICU so hadn’t had experience before with a baby going through withdrawal, but as a babywearing mother, when she found herself responsible for a distraught baby, she knew what she could offer him for comfort!  When she shared this in our local babywearing group, I felt fit to burst with emotion:  compassion for the baby and mother and also a deep gratitude for the ability to comfort babies with the simplicity of human touch; for the good fortune to know how important this is for babies; and for Mandy to be working when this little one needed that.  Mandy reported that the other nurses were continuing to wear the baby so that he was not left adrift when she went home.

In Mandy’s own words, “I’m a pediatric nurse and had a baby going through withdrawal. I made a makeshift sling out of some baby blankets and “wore” him as much as I could. It was the only thing that consistently calmed him down! Wear ALL the babies, even the ones who aren’t our own!”

Summer Babywearing and Woven Wraps

Babywearing a baby in Florida means knowing how to keep everyone comfortable in hot weather.  Here are my suggestions for lighter Summertime wraps, recommendations for cooler carries to use with your wraps, and tips for surviving hot weather wrapping so you don’t have to stay in-doors all Summer!

Tips for Choosing a Wrap

Thin wraps and wraps with open weaves:  a thin, airy wrap will be more comfortable than a thick, densely woven wrap and because there is no padding or heavy canvas, has the potential for cooler carrying than many other carriers.  Try Ellevill, Wrapsody Breeze, and EllaRoo wraps for the most comfort this Summer.

Dad and baby in Ellevill wrap for Summer

Ellevill wraps are woven in Norway with a super-soft but airy weave that gives you a cushier feeling without holding in the heat making it a very comfortable, breathable Summer wrapping option.

Dad Wrapping Toddler in Wrapsody Breeze for Summer

Wrapsody Breeze wraps are made from bottom-weight gauze which means they are sturdier than gauze found at a fabric store for more support and comfort, yet still the thinnest, coolest wrapping option around, even in multi-layer carries.

Baby wrapped up in EllaRoo wrap for Summer

EllaRoo wraps, are hand-woven in Guatemala with a very thin, flat weave that makes them perfect for babywearing on hot days without feeling like you're bundled up.

Short wraps and carries with fewer layers:  another cooler option for hot days is a shortie in a single layer carry.  If you already have a wrap and it’s not the coolest fabric, it’s good to know that a heavier wrap in a single layer carry can be as cool as a thin wrap with multiple layers.  A size 3 or 4 will give most parents several front, back, and hip carry options that won’t warm you up as much as a longer wrap.

Toddler Nursing in Rebozo Carry

Even a thicker wrap is cool enough for Summer in a single layer carry like this rebozo carry.

If you want a stretchy wrap, choose a cooler stretchy wrap: the silky-soft Wrap DuO is similar to other stretchy wraps on the market, but SO MUCH COOLER, and it does double duty as a wrap you can wear in the water (think pool, beach, splash park, or shower).

Wrap DuO is a stretchy wrap that won't heat you up.

The Wrap DuO is a light and cool, silky-soft stretchy wrap from Wrapsody that will keep you cooler in the water or out.

Tips for Choosing a Carry:

  1. A carry that does not tie around your waist can keep you cooler (click on photos below for tutorials).
  2. You can often bunch up instead of spreading a pass in a front carry that has more than one layer – just make sure that baby is secure, supported, and you are both comfy.
  3. For older babies, a back carry usually feels cooler than a chest to chest carry, but you want to be able to see and interact with them enough to know if they are doing well or getting too hot.

Cooler carry suggestions (click on the photo to go to instructions page):

A single layer carry like Kangaroo is the coolest way to wear a baby wrap.

Kangaroo Carry is a front carry that can be used for newborn through toddler with a single layer over baby and open sides for airflow. With a short wrap, tie the carry under your baby's bottom to avoid a warm strap tied around your waist. This carry can also be done with a longer wrap but you would wrap around your waist to tie in back to use up the extra length.

FWCC TUB in a short wrap for Summer

Front Wrap Cross Carry TUB (tied under bottom) is great for all ages especially if you're already familiar with FWCC and want to try it as a single layer carry with a shorter wrap.

Dad using short wrap for Semi FWCC

Semi FWCC is another great front carry for someone who is familiar with FWCC and feels cooler with only two layers over baby and only one shoulder wrapped.

Rucksack Carry feels cooler for Summer

Rucksack Carry is a great choice for a back carry in hot weather with only a single layer on baby and rucksack strap on the parent instead of fabric covering any part of your torso.

Double Hammock Rebozo with a short wrap for Summer.

Double Hammock Rebozo (DHR) gives you much of the same famous support as a full Double Hammock Carry but with only one shoulder and a much shorter wrap it will leave you feeling much cooler.

There are also some very short carries (size 2 or 3 wrap for most parents) that are tied at shoulder with no waist belt and no pass over the caregiver’s torso and these are great for hot Summer weather:
Rucksack TAS (tied at shoulder)
Double Rebozo Back Carry
Half Jordan’s Back Carry

If you have a longer wrap and are doing Front Wrap Cross Carry, try bunching the crosses at baby’s side to keep some of the layers off baby in hot weather (click the photo to go the the tutorial page where you’ll find instructions for both spread and bunches passes):

Cooler FWCC variation

Try bunching the FWCC crosses to keep baby cooler.

6 Tips for Sun Protection:
Even the FDA recommends against using sun screen on babies under 6 months old so here are some old fashioned methods of protecting yourself from excessive sun exposure.

  1. find shade frequently or provide your own by using a wide brimmed hat or parasol
  2. cover baby’s legs and arms with light, loose clothing
  3. use your wrap or wrap tails to cover baby (but not baby’s face) while still allowing airflow
  4. the WrapDuO mentioned above provides UPF 45 Sun Protection
  5. Shea Butter and Coconut Oil are safe for babies and both provide some protection
  6. avoid being outside for prolonged periods between 10am and 2pm

6 Tips to Avoid Over-heating:

  1. keep yourself hydrated – drink plenty of water
  2. keep your baby hydrated – if breastfeeding, allow baby to nurse as often as they want, and switch sides as frequently as they like as they will instinctively switch more often when they need more of the watery foremilk; if using formula, baby may need extra when out on hot days or even supplement with water; babies who are eating solids should drink water frequently
  3. sticking to the shade makes a huge difference
  4. make a breeze – use a small clip on fan with foam fan blades, or carry a paper fan with you (or improvise with a magazine)
  5. if using a cooling towel, be attentive to your baby to ensure that he or she is not getting too cold, especially with young babies who are not yet able to regulate temperature well and do not use ice packs or cloths soaked with ice water directly on babies
  6. take breaks – remove baby from wrap and use the wrap as a blanket for you and baby to hang out on for a few minutes in a shady spot
Summer wrapping: keep hydrated!

Babies get hydrated from nursing, formula, or water supplementation; mom and dad or other caregiver should drink plenty of water.

Made in the shade from mama's giant sun hat!

Sunhats can protect delicate skin from the sun, either on baby, or a large brimmed hat on the caregiver . . . or both!

Bring your own shade when wrapping in the sun.

Bring your own shade when you’re wrapping in hot weather or on a sunny day to protect baby’s skin without having to use sunscreen.

Wrapsody Wrap DuO covering baby's legs

The Wrapsody Wrap DuO is a water wrap that is light and cool and has a UV protection rating of 45. Tuck the ends of the wrap over baby's legs to keep them protected from the sun.

Taking a break in the shade ON the wrap instead of IN it.

Wrapping lets you include your little one in all the fun Summer outings but it's important to monitor yours and baby's heat level and take breaks if necessary.