Snowflakes Wrap

Natibaby Winter - turquoise snowflake wrap

Natibaby Winter is here in a gorgeous turquoise wool blend for something highly cuddly and warm this winter.

Natibaby wool is soft–never scratchy.  It requires some extra care, as wool should not be machine washed, but for many mamas, it is worth it for the softness and warmth of winter wool.

Intricate snowflake representations capture the magic and whimsy of tiny ice crystals whirling slowly through cold, clear winter air.  The color and design of this wrap perfectly depict the beauty and clarity of wintertime while keeping you and your little one cozy and close.

Natibaby Winter is the perfect wrap for showing off to family and friends this season and bring festivity and brightness to every day until the Spring.

Snowflakes Woven Wrap for Winter with Wool

Customer Appreciation Offer

Wrapping dad on coast of Maine

Some of my family, on whose behalf I appreciate you!


I wanted to do something special for my customers this week and I decided on this special offer (full terms below):

  • spend $100 or more in my store by the end of Thursday, the 21st of November (sale ends at 11:59pm EST).
  • use coupon code THANKYOU50 when you check out (coupon code is case sensitive).
  • You will receive a gift certificate for $50 by email.
  • Use the gift certificate at checkout to get $50 off a second purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about.  The gift certificate must be used by Wednesday, 27 November 2013 (11:59pm EST), after which it will expire.

Additionally, one person who buys a wrap using the THANKYOU50 code will be entirely refunded and will receive their first wrap free instead of a $50 gift certificate!

To be eligible to be the one to receive a free wrap, share my Facebook post on the subject.  You’ll see it pinned to the top of the page at (International customers are also eligible but if you win, I will ask that you pay shipping-only for your wrap).


This deal is for a full price purchase and cannot be combined with other discounts. This is true of the first purchase and the second (please do not try to use a coupon as well as the gift certificate).

The first purchase must be paid in full in order to receive the $50 off (putting an item on layaway will not result in a coupon code being mailed to you).

The $50 gift certificate cannot be used for an item that you already have on layaway–it must be used for a new purchase.  However, that new purchase can be put on layaway using the gift certificate to help pay for it.

Anyone can use the first code to receive $50 off a second purchase.  The gift certificate that you receive in your email can only be used once but it is transferable.  You can give it to a friend, but make sure that they know it is good through 27 November.

Natibaby Trees Series

Natibaby Tree of LifeNatibaby has a wonderful designer named Aga who made this beautiful and immediately beloved tree of life design just for me and Natibaby has woven it for Wrap Your Baby in a few different colors now.

The first Trees, woven in a deep plum, I called Plum Trees.  After that, was Green Apple Trees (a hemp blend) and now Wisteria Trees and Winter Trees (both cotton/linen) have arrived!  These blue trees have a gorgeous shimmer and shine that is really magical.  Natibaby Tree of Life now available for sale.

Natibaby Green Apple Trees Baby Wrap

Natibaby Blue/Heather Wisteria Trees

Natibaby Blue/White Winter Trees Baby Wrap

Natibaby Purple Plum Trees Baby Wrap

Wrapping and your Diaper Bag

A lot of moms wonder how you carry a diaper bag when you wear your baby.  Here a few different ways you can do it:

  • Backpack, if wearing baby in a front carry.
  • Messenger bag over the wrap (front or back carry)
  • Messenger bag under the wrap (front or back carry)
  • Diaper Bag over one shoulder (front or back carry)
  • Fanny Pack

Messenger Bags are great for slinging over your wrap job.  Here you can see a messenger bag with a back carry or a front carry.

Pregnant wearing messenger bag over back wrap.

Galen is wearing a messenger style bag over her right shoulder and the strap is laying over the wrap that is holding the baby on her back.


Wearing a diaper bag over a wrap.

Messenger Bag style diaper bag slung over baby wrap. The bag is on Carissa's right shoulder in this picture.


Natibaby Tattooed Wrap

Tattooed wrap by Natibaby for Wrap Your Baby

Natitat Tattoo print baby wrap

Natibaby Tattooed was one of the most highly anticipated wraps that passed through my hands this year. Woven exclusively for Wrap Your Baby, NatiTat is a gorgeous golden wrap showing off beautifully rendered, classic Tattoo designs in a bamboo/linen blend that arrives stiff but reportedly softens up wonderfully with washing, ironing, and wearing. Natibaby Tattooed is for sale here.

And the wearing is the fun part! This wrap has begged to be the subject of several creative photo shoots, and also inspired a small, friendly war involving sneaky corn ninjas like this one, shared by Suzi Lang:


Corn Ninja photo CornNinja.jpg

Babywearing International of Austin has documented the struggles of the citizens whose lending libraries were potentially affected by the war of the Tattooed wrap here.

LoveBabywearing Nati Tattooed baby wrap photo shoot

Tattooed Babywearing Wrap

50's style woven wrap Natibaby Tattooed wrong side

Day of the Dead woven wrap

Day of the Dead Woven Wrap Black/White photo

Dia de los Muertos baby wrap and face paint

Lenny Lamb Day of the Dead skull baby wrap at Wrap Your Baby

Lenny Lamb Day of the Dead Skulls Wrap Black/Pink

Lenny Lamb recently wove some exclusive wraps for Wrap Your Baby: a beautiful Day of the Dead design which was released in October this year.  It is a soft 100% cotton wrap.  It comes in a matching bag with an instructional DVD from Lenny Lamb.

The dominant theme of the Day of the Dead is skulls and skeletons.  In some cultures, this is not pretty, or fun, or appropriate for babies and sensible parents.  But this design wasn’t for some cultures.  It was for those for whom the holiday has spiritual significance.

The Day of the Dead is the english interpretation of Dia de los Muertos, celebrated on November 1st and 2nd in Mexico.  The holiday is not new.  Spanish conquistadors found it on this continent, celebrated by the Aztecs.  The Spanish brought their own beliefs and ideas which merged with the Aztec holiday to become today’s Dia de los Muertos.

By the way, I am in no way an authority.  This holiday is new to me, and I am relating what I learned about it.  My (homeschooled) daughter and I researched some of the religious traditions surrounding Halloween and were quite charmed by the Mexican traditions.

Dia de los Muertos is not a sad occasion.  It is a celebration.  There is music and dancing and good food and decorations and tributes to loved ones.  Here is a lovely video that captures some of the charm of the occasion:

And I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I am not among those who think a person ought to avoid the trappings of other cultures.  I love Indian tapestries and Celtic knots.  I think it is a good thing when we appreciate and embrace what is beautiful all around this world.  I am not requiring my customers to prove their cultural affiliations.  This is a wrap for whoever thinks it is beautiful or cool, or gets happy looking at it or wearing it.  I trust that they will not act in any way to disrespect the beliefs of others.

Naming the Lunar Wrap

Bali Breeze Moon Wrap with lunar phases

Bali Breeze Luna gauze wrap


You can find Breeze Luna now available exclusively at Wrap Your Baby!

There were so many beautiful suggestions for the name for this wrap.  I was tempted to go with one of the goddess names as was traditional for the original Bali Breeze wraps when they were still called Gypsymama.  And I loved several of the longer names like Clair de Lune.  But in the end, the simple Luna appealed to me the most.  I like how Breeze Luna sounds and looks.  And I think it’s more of a universally recognized name for a wrap with symbology that is important to so many different cultures and beliefs.

Thank you Amy, for suggesting the name, and you have won a Luna wrap of your own!  I’ve sent you an email so we can arrange shipping.
This wrap needs a good name worthy of the magical reputation of the moon.  Comment with your name suggestion and I whoever suggests the winning name will win of these Bali Breeze wraps with lunar phases!  Be sure to provide an email address that you check so that you will know if your name was chosen.  I’ll edit this blog post with the winning name next week.

For the record, this is a 100% cotton gauze wrap batiked in dark purple and pink in Bali under Fair Trade Conditions. The moons run lengthwise across the wrap, about 2/3rds of the way up from the bottom rail.

I give you through the weekend (through 20 October) to make your suggestions!

Babywearing Statue Contest

Babywearing Statue - Lincoln wear a rebozo

picture by Christi Bedell for BWI of North Central Illinois

Help me teach statues to babywear for International Babywearing Week this week!  Wrap up a doll or teddy on a statue, snap a picture and post on my Facebook wall.


  • Statue should be a person or humanoid animal.  No inanimate object statues like cars.
  • Someone–teddy, doll, or real kid (if safe)–must be in the carrier on the statue.  No entries with empty carriers on statues!
  • One picture per individual.
  • Unless it is for your babywearing group, then you can post as many as you want.
  • If posting for your group, include a link to your group.  Link should be included on every picture you submit for that group.
  • When you post the picture, state the city (and country if not United States) where it is located so we can enjoy knowing all the places featured in the contest.
  • Pictures must be submitted by end of day Monday, 14 October.

One individual AND one babywearing group will be selected to receive a wrap or ring sling.  The carrier may be new or used (in good condition).  I’ll have to see what’s available when I pick winners!  Be sure to check back here to see the winners, and they will also be announced on Facebook.



Wrapping Videos From Parents, For Parents

Last month I asked babywearing parents to share their knowledge by making a video of how they do various wrap carries, so that I could share their techniques with more moms and dads through my website.  I think that parents and families can benefit the most from the freely shared knowledge from other parents, as embodied by the African proverb each one teach one.  And I think this method of spreading knowledge is far more useful and empowers all of us more than parenting books, parenting experts, or other authoritarian organizations.  Anything that helps you is great, and I am not asking you to adopt my opinion, but this is my preference for education of any kind.

I received so many wonderful videos.  I want to thank everybody who made a video SO MUCH.  I was unable to use all of them, as some were redundant, and I had to look at which ones had the clearest picture, best lighting, best sound, and clearest instructions so they would be the most help to the internet community.  This was not intended as a competition, however there are certain logistical needs that I had to meet.

I also promised to send a woven wrap donation to four babywearing groups who were represented by the video submissions. Here are my four video categories, the group that will be receiving a wrap, and the video that won the wrap for each group (by random draw).  If you let the video play to the end, I believe that the rest of the playlist in the same category will play so you can see several of the submissions, all of which are great.

Babywearing International of Central New York wins a wrap for the category Tied at Shoulder Carries:

Vancouver Island Carriers for a Cause will receive a wrap for the category Nursing in a Woven Wrap:

Babywearers NYC will be receiving a wrap for the category Supporting Sleeping Baby’s Head in a Back Carry:

and Babywearing International of Hampton Roads wins a wrap donation for the category Wrap Instruction by a Dad:


Group Video Contest July Wrap Giveaway

Each month I donate a wrap to a babywearing group to add to their lending library.  For July I am asking groups to do a project to help me expand the wrapping instructions on my website. One of the prizes for July (Nati Notes linen blend wrap):

Nati Notes Pink Music Wrap

To enter your group for a free wrap, I ask that you send me an instructional video that I can brand and post on my website and on YouTube to help moms who are trying to master a carry or technique. Send the videos to by the last day of July and put “July Video” in the subject to help me keep track of the emails.  Also please include a line in your email giving me permission to add my title and credits and use the video online, regardless of whether your group is chosen to win a wrap.  I will credit your babywearing group for the video and the specific babywearer and baby in the video, if you want me to.  I won’t be passing it off as me, but I will be marketing it as a video that belongs to the instructional library of Wrap Your Baby, if that makes sense.  Let me know if you have any questions.

I will give away one wrap to a group in each category.  You can enter one or all of them.  You can submit one wrap or multiple wraps to any one category as well.  I will not choose the same group for more than one category (because I’d like to help as many different groups as possible) but you may increase your chances of winning one wrap by submitting multiple videos because I will be choosing the one that I find most helpful in each category.

  1. how-to video for any woven wrap variation that is tied at shoulder (TAS)
  2. how to nurse in a woven wrap as a busty mama (baby or toddler)
  3. adjusting a woven wrap to provide head support in a back carry after baby/toddler has fallen asleep
  4. woven wrap instruction video (any technique) by a dad

The videos can be silent or you can narrate as you go.  Just remember that they are supposed to be instructional, so try to make them clear and helpful.  I use Windows Live MovieMaker to edit videos, so if you can send it in a format that will work with that program, I will be all the more appreciative.

And the prizes?

  • Nati Notes Pink/Black linen blend wrap
  • Ellevill Karma Dusty Lavender organic cotton wrap
  • Natibaby Plum Pois linen blend wrap
  • Ellevill cotton/bamboo Paisley Silver wrap

and as a bonus, I’ll send a gender neutral, used-in-good-condition wrap to one of the dads who make the dad wrapping movies for this project (in addition to a carrier donated to the group that submits it).  Because we want to encourage the babywearing gentlemen of this world!