Inanimate Objects: Babywearing Costumes

Another in my series of themed costumes for babywearers.  This post highlights costumes with the baby as an inanimate objects.  You would be surprised at the possibilities when you start brainstorming, and hopefully the pictures of these creative families will get the wheels turning for you!  And be sure to submit a photo of your babywearing costume to my contest to possibly win a wrap!

inanimate object babywearing costumes

Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror Babywearing Costumes

17 more great babywearing costume ideas for all those families who want to incorporate their baby and carrier into their costumes for extra Halloween fun!  If you do a babywearing costume, be sure to submit a photo to my costume contest!

Babywearing Costumes: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Monster, Super Hero

Babywearing Costume Contest!

Babywearing Halloween contest

It’s time for the annual Babywearing Halloween Costume Contest on the Wrap Your Baby facebook page!

Share your photos on the wall between Wednesday 29 October and Monday 3 November, and  and I will upload them to the contest album where we’ll see which photo gets the most likes for a free wrap from my store!

Voting (liking) will go from 4 November to 6 November and the winner will be announced on Friday 7 Nov.  The winner is responsible for contacting me as I will have no way to get in touch with those who entered.  Check for a winner on 7 November and PM or email me if it was you!

PLEASE NOTE:  Outfits and traditional clothing from different cultures are not costumes but traditional dress. To avoid any one feeling that their culture is being misrepresented I kindly ask that you refrain from depicting any specific culture and/or nationality or subculture.

You can find more than 50 great costume ideas on my Babywearing Costume Pinterest Board or my recent blog posts sharing Babywearing Animal Costumes Fantasy/Sci-fi Babywearing Costumes and Character Costumes for babywearers.

Go get inspired and start creating!  Let’s have some fun!

Share Your City Groups Giveaway

Each month I give at least one wrap to a Babywearing Group Lending Library.  For September I asked groups to send me a photo of babywearing in front of a landmark in their region, or something that epitomizes the region.  Today, for Share Your City Saturday (International Babywearing Week), I am sharing some of the photos that were submitted and announcing winners!  Scroll to the bottom for winners and enjoy all of the photos along the way!

Babywearing in cities across the globe:

Babywearing in front of the Kelpies in Falkirk in Scotland.

Babywearing with the Kelpies in Falkirk in Scotland - a landmark that represents the engineering famous to this area particularly on the canal and that arts which are a big part of Scottish history. The kelpies were completed last year in celebration of the canal and the renewed industry around them created by the opening of the Falkirk wheel in earl 2000s. From the Forth Vally sling meet.


Babywearing in Saguaro National Park

BWI of Tucson with their famous Saguaro Cacti


Babywearing Central coast babywearing at the Air Force Base during a Rocket Launch.

Sarah from Babywearing Central Coast "wrapping at Vandenberg AFB during a rocket launch (one of the best known activities where we live)!"


Balboa Park Babywearing in San Diego

Stephanie and her husband (a Marine) represent Babywearing Camp Pendleton at the Balboa Park Gardens in San Diego.


BWI of NYC Chrysler Buidling Babywearing

Babywearing International of New York City babywearing with a view of the Chrysler Building from the top of the Rock


BWI of NY China Town during Lunar New Year Parade

Babywearing in Chinatown during the Lunar New Year Parade from BWI of NYC.


Babywearing Camp Pendleton: Babywearing at Ocean Beach

Jody, one of the group leaders for Babywearing Camp Pendleton, at Ocean Beach. BW Camp Pendleton is a babywearing group on Marine Corp Base Camp Pendleton, in California.


East Kentucky Babywearing Group: babywearing at Hillbilly Days in Pikeville KY, a huge weekend festival with proceeds going to Shriners Hospital.


Sudbury Babywearing Group with the Big Nickel in Ontario

3 members of the Sudbury Babywearing Group and one tandem wearing husband posing in front of the Big Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The Big Nickel turned 50 this year; it is a symbol our our town, as nickel mining is really the whole reason there is even a town here to begin with! But more than that it symbolizes the strength, resilience and pride of a small northern town that dreams big!


Babywearing in front of Big Tex statue in Dallas.

For North Dallas Babywearing Mamas, here is Veronica and family in front of Big Tex "the mascot of the State Fair of Texas. He's 55 feet tall and has been around since 1952. Apparently he began his life as a gigantic paper mâché Santa Claus. And that's the landmark in a nutshell. Leave it to us Texans to have something so weird and loved."


Babywearing San Diego in front of Hotel Del

Babywearing in front of the Hotel Del from Babywearing San Diego.


NOLA Babywearing in Jackson Square New Orleans LA.

A NOLA Babywearers family at a popular landmark in their city: Jackson Square in New Orleans, LA.


Liz and her three boys on a local vacation to great-grandma's. Submitted for BWI of South Central Pennsylvania.

Liz and her three boys on a local vacation to great-grandma's. Babywearing with Punxsutawney Phil, submitted for BWI of South Central Pennsylvania.


BWI of South Central PA at Hershey's Chocolate World

Becky from BWI of South Central PA wearing her toddler at Hershey's Chocolate World. "When it is getting cold and rainy, outside, there is no better way to warm up than in a cuddly wool blend Ellevill Jack at one of our regions most special landmarks."


Tampa Bay Babywearing Babywearing Ballet class in Land O Lakes

Meeghan created her own landmark for Tampa Bay Babywearing: the babywearing ballet class she teaches in Land O' Lakes


BWI of DC, Maryland and Virginia babywearing in front of the Cherry Blossoms in Washington District of Columbia.

BWI-DC-MD-VA wrapping with the famous Wash DC cherry blossoms!


Babywearing at the nation's capital in the District of Columbia.

BWI of DC-MD-VA babywearing in front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC


Babywearing International Westchester/Rockland at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan

BWI of Rocland and Westchester: babywearing at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan



Babywearing in front of the state capital, Jefferson MO

BWI of Central Missouri in front of the Capitol Building in Jefferson City MO.


Camp Pendleton Babywearing Group at Oceanside.

Babywearing Camp Pendleton sent this picture of babywearing at Oceanside in California.


BWI of Rockland and Westchester babywearing in Headless Horseman County.

Babywearing on the Headless Horseman Bridge in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. "Over a deep black part of the stream, not far from the church, was formerly thrown a wooden bridge; the road that led to it, and the bridge itself, were thickly shaded by overhanging trees, which cast a gloom about it, even in the daytime; but occasioned a fearful darkness at night. This was one of the favorite haunts of the headless horseman; and the place where he was most frequently encountered." BWI of Westchester and Rockland.


BWI of San Antonio at the Alamo

BWI of San Antonio's first International Babywearing Week event, babywearing at the Alamo


Lakeland Babywearing in front of lake.

Lakeland Babywearing "We don't have a landmark but we are known for our lakes and our swans."


Lakeland Babywearing with swans.

Lakeland Babywearing: "We don't have a landmark but we are known for our lakes and our swans."


BWI of NYC Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

BWI of NYC - babywearing with the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center


Babywearers International of NYC - top of the Rock!

Babywearing at the top of the Rockefeller Center from BWI of New York City.


Babywearing at the Washington Monument in the District of Columbia.

BWI of DC-MD-VA gets together for a group babywearing picture in front of the Washington Monument on the Mall.


Babywearing at Niagara Falls

Andrea of Bells Babies Sling Library wrapped up at Niagara Falls in Canada.


Babyweraing at the historical columns on the University of Missouri Columbia Campus.

BWI of Central Missouri shows wrapping in front of the historic columns on the University of Missouri - Columbia (Mizzou being the more common name) campus. They're all that remains of the original academic hall which was the first building erected on the campus. The rest of the building was destroyed in a fire.


North Dallas Wearing Mamas babywearing in front of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

North Dallas Wearing Mamas in front of two major Dallas landmarks: the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and Dallas' iconic reunion tower.


Coastal Georgia Babywearers on Submarine

Awesome picture from Coastal Georgia Babywearers


Babywearing Group Bucuresti in front of the House of the People

Babywearing Group Bucuresti "Today, some of the members participated at a marathon, along with the babies, worn in ergonomic carriers. Some used SSC, others ring slings or wraps. This marathon took place in Bucharest, in front of the second largest building in the world, after Penthagon, The House Of the People, also the biggest building in Europe! It might not be as famous as Big Ben or The Eiffel Tower, but it is a place filled with our history! P.S. : we also won the marathon ;) "


I have to go with Babywearing Group Bucuresti because besides the awesome picture, they WON THE MARATHON!

I also love Lakeland Babywearers’ picture with the swans, and I’m going to give them a wrap for their library as well.

And because I can’t pick just two, I’m going to go ahead and extend this giveaway–which was supposed to be a September giveaway–to encompass October, too.  For October let’s add BWI of San Antonio for their beautiful Alamo photo and BWI of Central Missouri and the cool columns!

I’m going out in my city with my family now, so will send emails to winners by Monday, or feel free to contact me yourself: diana @

Yin/Yang Babywearing Yoga Sequence

Guest post by Blair Williams, Yoga Instructor and babywearing mother of two. Want to learn more about Yin? or Facebook- Blair Williams Yoga, LLC.

This Yin/Yang sequence will nourish both the male (yang) and feminine (yin) energies in the body. The Yang portion will help to strengthen, tone and energize the body. The Yin portion will allow you to surrender, let go, pause and nourish the fascia and connective tissue in the body (including joints, ligaments, and bones).

Three core principles to Yin:

  • Hold each pose/shape for a longer duration of time. In the practice shared below holds are anywhere from 1-5 minutes. Lovingly listen to your body- each day, each practice is different- hold poses for the duration that feels right to you/baby.
  • Get in touch with your “Goldie Locks Spot” or edge. This is where the pose is not too easy, but not too challenging. At your edge you will still experience sensations in the body, but it should not feel painful. Since poses are held for a duration of time- slowly come to your edge in each pose.
  • Poses are held in a relaxed and meditative state. Turn your attention inward. Muscles are relaxed, really allowing us to access the deeper sites in the body (connective tissue and fascia). Focus on what you are experiencing in your body- emotionally and physically during each pose/asana. Gently bring yourself back to the present moment/your experience if the mind becomes active (thinking about past or future events, etc.).

Disclaimer: Consult your/a physician before starting any new exercise program. And ALWAYS listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, for you or your baby- it isn’t right for you today. <3

Yang Poses

    Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Directions: Stand with both feet together, arms at both sides, legs active, spine long and engage your core. Breathe deep. Take 5 deep cleansing breaths here (in and out through the nose).

Benefits:  It energetically helps to ground and become present as you begin your yoga practice. Physically it helps to create space within the body- allowing internal organs to work more efficiently. This can really improve respiration, digestion and circulation.

Mountain Pose: newborn babywearing yoga

Mountain Pose

    Prayer Squat


  1. Stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose), then step feet wide apart (the wider your feet the gentler the stretch) turn feet slightly outwards. Place hands in prayer at heart center.
  2. Bend your knees and begin to squat down. If heels stay on the floor as you squat- awesome! If not, allow heels to lift off the floor as you lower. Keeping your back straight, lower your buttocks as close to the floor as you can. Observe what feels right to you- only lower as far as feels good for you and baby.
  3. Pause at bottom of squat, hands remain in prayer at the heart center.
  4. Slowly begin to rise back up into a standing position.
  5. Repeat the squat an additional 1-10 times (depending on how you feel)

Modifications:  Place a folded blanket under your heels if they do not touch the floor when you squat down.

Benefits:  Opens the hips, improves balance, memory and concentration.

Prayer Squat 1: newborn babywearing yoga posesPrayer Squat 2: newborn babywearing yogaPrayer Squat 3: babywearing yoga poses


    Virabhadrasana B (Warrior Pose B)


  1. Stand in Mountain Pose. With an exhale step your feet about 3.5-4 feet apart. Raise your arms parallel to the floor and reach them actively out to the sides. Should blades wide and palms are down.
  2. Turn your right foot slightly in and your left foot out 90 degrees to the left so the toes are pointing away from the body. Align your left heel with the right.
  3. Exhale and bend your left knee over the left ankle, causing the shin to be perpendicular to the floor. Bring your left thigh parallel to the floor, creating a 90 degree angle in your knee. Straighten your right leg and press your right heel out and down to the floor.
  4. Stretch your arms out, keeping them parallel to the floor. Turn your head to the left as you look out over the fingers of your left hand. Keep your spine straight.
  5. Hold this pose for 5 deep breaths. When you are ready inhale and come out of the pose (back to Mountain Pose). Then repeat with the ride side.

NOTE: In this pose we perform the left side first. Picture below models the right side.


Omit the 90 degree bend in the knee if needed or decrease the bend (as I have demonstrated).

Benefits:  Stretches your hips, groins and shoulders. Opens chest and lungs. Stimulates your abdominal organs, develops balance and stability. Builds stamina and concentration.

Warrior Pose B babywearing yoga

Warrior Pose

    Vriksasana (Tree Pose)


  1. Stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Really ground and spread left foot and toes (creating strong foundation in left leg/foot).
  2. Bend the right knee, bringing the right foot up and place the sole against the inner left thigh (avoid placing foot on the outside of the left knee).
  3. Rest your hands on the top rim of your pelvis. Make sure the pelvis in in a neutral position.
  4. Lengthen the tailbone towards the floor.
  5. Bring hands to together in prayer at center of chest.
  6. Take 5 deep cleansing breaths
  7. Release the pose and do the other side (following the same steps, just alternate side).

Modifications:  Stand with your back braced against a wall if you feel unsteady in this pose.

Benefits:  Strengthens the thighs, calves, ankles and spine. Stretches the groins and inner thighs. Improves sense of balance, relieves sciatica.

Babywearing Yoga Tree Pose

Tree Pose


Yin Poses

    Butterfly Pose (with or without forward fold)


A. Carefully lower to and sit on the floor, with equal weight in both sitting bones. Spine is upright and legs are extended.

B. Bending your knees bring the soles of the feet together to touch.

C. Move your feet forward away from the body, so as to create a diamond shape with your legs.

D. If you’d like, remain here- upright position OR place hands on baby for extra support and fold forward bringing your head in the direction of the soles of your feet (as shown in photo).

E. Remain in either version of the pose for 1-5 minutes.

Modifications:  If you need additional support place rolled blankets underneath each knee or thigh as needed for additional support.

Benefits:  This is a “power” Yin pose, in the sense that it nourishes all the meridians in our bodies. Meridians are rivers of energy (“qi”) that flow and feed different organs and systems in the body. Kidneys/Urinary Bladder, Liver/Gallbladder, Stomach/Spleen and Heart/Lungs/Intestines. It’s a great pose to open the hips and gently stretch the lower back (lower back is stretched if leaning forward).

Babywearing Butterfly Pose Yoga

Butterfly Pose with optional fold


    Shoelace Pose


  1. Begin by sitting straight with your right leg drawn over your left so that your knees are stacked and your feet are sitting back near your hips with your hands at your sides in Gyan Mudra (tips of thumb and index finger touch, other fingers are straight but relaxed).
  2. Lower chin slightly towards chest- closing eyes if you wish.
  3. Remain in this posture (with hand mudra) for 1-5 minutes.
  4. Release the pose and come into the other side (following the same steps, just opposite side).

Modifcations:  If this external-hip-rotation range of motion is challenging, elevate the sits bones on a cushion or rolled blanket. If there is space between your knees, put a folded blanket there as well to fill the space.

Benefits:  Another great hip opener- wonderful for liver/gallbladder. Poses that nourish the liver/gallbladder meridians help to transform emotions of anger into compassion for ourselves. Gyan Mudra helps to stimulate the root chakra and grounds. This mudra also calms and improves concentration.

Babywearing yoga: Shoelace Pose

Shoelace Pose


    Square Pose (with our without forward fold)


  1. Sit cross-legged and bring your right foot on top of your left knee, your left foot under your right knee, your shins on top of the other. When you look down you should see that you’ve created a triangle shape between your legs.
  2. Bring hands together in prayer in front of your chest/baby.
  3. Remain here for 1-5 minutes.
  4. Release the pose and come into the other side (following the same steps, just opposite side).

Modifications:  If your right knee is not resting on top of your left foot, place a blanket under your right thigh.

Benefits:  Nice preparation for lotus pose, also helps to open up the hips. Is great for the liver/gallbladder and kidney/urinary bladder meridians.

Babywearing Square Pose yoga pose

Square Pose

    Dragonfly Pose (with our without forward fold)


  1. Spread your legs as wide apart as they are willing to go
  2. Relax feet- no need to flex feet- we want the muscles to be relaxed/at ease.
  3. Add a forward fold if desired- using one hand to support baby and another to touch floor (if available)

Modifications:   If you have any low back or hamstring tension, a rolled or folded blanket under each knee will feel really good and take some of the tension out of the pose. Also, sitting on a blanket will help with the forward fold if you choose.

Benefits:  Opens the hips, groin and the back of thighs, provides a gentle opening to inner knees. Will help to ground and calm (great for Kidney meridian).

Babywearing Dragonfly Pose yoga pose

Dragonfly Pose


Dragonfly Pose babywearing yoga
Dragonfly Pose with optional forward fold
    Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

Directions:  This is a more “advanced” yoga pose. Please only perform if have been practicing and are familiar with the pose. Remain here (in either this pose or the modification) for 5 cleansing breaths in and out of the nose.

Modifications:  A beautiful alternate pose is simply criss cross position while bringing hands to the heart.

Wrapped Up newborn baby in a Lotus Pose with Babywearing Mama

Lotus Pose and Newborn Feet

Lotus Position Newborn Yoga

Lotus Position

Happy Wrapping!

photos by Petal & Vine Photography

I don’t want to spoil my baby!

You can't spoil a baby by holding it.

If you carry your baby frequently in a comfortable baby carrier, won’t she get spoiled and want to be held all the time?

Well, some babies come already wired to scream whenever they’re put down and it doesn’t take spoiling to make them that way.

Some babies are generally pretty chill.  They dig being carried, and the are perfectly content to sit in swings or bouncers, too.

A better question to ask is:

Is it important to let babies get used to not being held?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: this question is born from the idea that babies’ demands are different from their needs.  But the fact is that at this tender age, babies are instinctive creatures.  They aren’t calculating, they are responding to their needs in the way that evolution taught them to get our attention and make those needs known.

To us. The mother or father.  The person who is mature enough to understand needs and capable enough to know how to satisfy them in an appropriate manner.

Because, face it, babies are helpless:

If you’re hungry, you go get a snack.  A baby can’t.

If you’re too hot, you take off some clothes or turn on a fan.  A baby can’t.

If your nose itches, you scratch it.  A baby can’t.

If you are lonely, you call up a friend or walk into the other room to be with family.  A baby can’t.

A baby is completely dependent.

It’s given the ability to cry – a noise designed to agitate us – as it’s only way to get it’s needs met.

So if you shift to thinking of a baby’s cry as a communication of a very valid need, you can start to figure out what is needed.  And you will find that much of the time, simply picking up your baby satisfies the need.  He or she wants to be held.  Babies are designed to be held a lot for optimum development, and they’re designed to be uncomfortable when they’re not being held. That’s why babies who are held cry less. In 1986, the Journal of Pediatrics published a study in which researchers found that babywearing for three hours a day reduced infant crying by 43 percent overall and 54 percent during evening hours.

Of course, all babies are different.  Follow your baby’s lead.  Evolution (and Scientific studies) may give us the generalities of what babies need, but the specifics are definitely dictated on a unique one on one basis.  If you have a happy and healthy baby, I would argue that you are doing the right thing.

And you know what?  Babies grow up and learn independence when it’s developmentally appropriate, just as they learn to walk and talk and eat food without being taught.  Respect the process.  Respect your baby. He is developing and he will not be a baby forever.

Remember, there is no way for a baby–who is not mobile, cannot work doorknobs or handles or buttons on a thermostat–to be independent.  “Teaching” him not to communicate his needs, that nobody is there to respond to his needs, is not a necessary part of healthy development.

“Don’t stand unmoving outside the door of a crying baby whose only desire is to touch you. Go to your baby. Go to your baby a million times. Demonstrate that people can be trusted, that the environment can be trusted, that we live in a benign universe.” ~Peggy O’Mara

So, will your baby want to be held all the time if he or she gets used to being carried?  Maybe.  Maybe you’ll get spoiled too, by the convenience, the content and quiet baby, and the constant cuddles. Congratulations–you have a baby!  It’s temporary, it’s exhausting, and it’s magical.  There are worse problems.

Babywearing/wrapping demonstrates a loving world.

Babywearing out of guilt or obligation?

I don’t want you to do that.  I really don’t.  I think the best thing you can give your baby is a happy, healthy parent.  You should use a baby carrier because it makes life easier and happier for all of you.  If it doesn’t, chances are that another parent who is experienced with the same carrier can help you learn easy tweaks for making it more comfortable, or more convenient to use.  Look for a local babywearing group, or ask local midwives or visit a La Leche League meeting to find someone who may be able to help.  If there is no local help, you can avail yourself of free online resources like and you can always ask for help or guidance on

I Have Carried You Always

Before and After maternity and newborn pictures.

I have carried you, always.

Before you were conceived, I carried a part of you in my soul. When I met your father, I looked into his eyes and saw the other part of you, and knew you, and prayed that you would come to be.

Before you were born, I carried you in my womb. When you were restless I sang to you and soothed you and told you how I loved you.

When you were born, I carried you in my arms. I kissed you and held you and put you to my breast, so that you would know that there is light and warmth and goodness in the world.

Later, I wrapped you in cloth and carried you close to my heart. I held you close so that you could hear that my heart beats like yours; that we are the same, you and I, and that you would never have to cry alone.

After a while, I carried you on my back, so that you could look at the world with confidence and joy and know that you belonged; so that you could share all of the beauty of the world as an equal to all that live in it.

Now, later still, I carry you when you are tired or fearful. So that you know that no matter how weary you become, or what life holds, you can always depend on others for support and comfort.

When you grow older, my darling, and your adventures take you further from my arms, know that even in my last hour I will carry you. I will carry you in my heart, for you are always with me.

I will carry you, always.

- Christine Maguire
from the Natural Mamas blog

Newborn short FWCC in space goddess wrap

*Beautiful Blair and baby Hudson, photographed by Petal & Vine Photography

Animal Costumes for Baby Carriers

Animal Costumes for Babies for Halloween

Continuing with the costume themes, babies as animals are always cute.  You can go really simple (buy a hat with ears from etsy, or put butterfly wings from the dollar store around your wrapped baby), or really get into it with a full family costume or a glowing jellyfish umbrella!

These are some of the animal babywearing costumes submitted to my annual Halloween contest on Facebook, but there are lots more great costume ideas on my pinterest board! Whatever you decide, be sure to post a photo on my facebook page by Monday, 3 November to be entered to win a wrap for Halloween 2014!

Also see my Halloween Part 1 post: Character Costumes for Babywearers

17 Character Costumes for Babywearers

Literary Costumes for Babywearers

It will be October in a couple of days.  Have you thought about incorporating your baby carrier into your costume?

These are some of the great costumes entered into Wrap Your Baby’s annual Facebook costume contest in years past.  These are some of the “character” costumes inspired by literature, media, even the corn flakes commercial!

You might want to try one of these or you might be inspired to a whole new direction.  Find lots more costume ideas on my pinterest board! Whatever you decide, be sure to post a photo on my facebook page by Monday, 3 November to be entered to win a wrap for Halloween 2014!

Babywearing Yoga

Yoga Class for Wrapping Moms and Babies

Wrapsody Breeze wraps are thin and breathable so they make excellent wraps for active families with babies.  That’s why, to celebrate Wrapsody’s 10th anniversary, Wrap Your Baby hosted a babywearing yoga class at a local yoga studio and also a babywearing ballet class (more about that in a blog post coming soon).

Some yoga moms find a time when they can do yoga by themselves or without their baby.

Some moms just don’t get a chance to do yoga for several years until their babies have grown up (if ever).

This third option is for moms (or dads!) who want to include their babies or toddlers, or those who don’t get a chance to do yoga without their child, or for the not insignificant number of parents who love finding new activities to engage in with their wrapped up baby – bonus if you can do it with other wrapping friends!

Yoga Pose with Wrapped Up Babies and Toddlers

You can do yoga at home, of course.  Wrapping up your baby for yoga engages both of you and is less likely to result in your baby interrupting your brief yoga session.  She is not bored, or lonely, or needy because she is wrapped on you in this activity.

Doing Yoga with a baby using a woven wrap from Wrapsody.

Chances are good that if you have a mobile baby, that baby will want to get down at some point.  After having been wrapped up, your baby is likely to give you a chance to do a little more yoga while entertaining his or her self.  During a babywearing class, toddlers are likely to spend some time wrapped up and some time out of the wrap moving among the yoga moms and bringing a little extra charm to the activity.  Appreciate it.

Toddler at a Babywearing Yoga class.

There are many yoga poses that are gentle on you and your wrapped up baby.  Regardless of who is teaching the class, pay attention to your own body and your own baby and make sure you know how to use your wrap well so that the carry remains comfortable and safe while you go through your yoga poses.  I especially love how the baby in the orange wrap is doing the pose, too!

Yoga with babies and toddlers wrapped up.

Be present and aware of what will work for you and your baby without discomfort and fear and don’t do anything that you are not both happy with.  Take your baby’s age and development into account.

Mommy and baby yoga position.

Don’t forget your baby is involved with the yoga with you.  Make sure you are tuned into each other and are both enjoying the activity.  Go at a pace you both enjoy.  Do it wrapped up, or sitting on the floor together, or alternating with a little of each.

Relaxing Yoga Pose with Mommy and Baby

Mommy and Me Yoga Class with Babywearing

Adorable Wrapped up Baby Yoga

Babywearing Yoga with baby wrapped on front.

Don’t forget to stay tuned into your baby’s needs whether it’s a fresh diaper (never do yoga with dirty pants) or a nursing break!

Nursing Break during Babywearing Yoga Class

Two babies take a nursing break at a babywearing yoga class.

Any babywearing group meeting – including this babywearing yoga class -  is a great place to make friends!

Toddlers holding hands at a yoga class.

This is Sarah, the owner of the family-friendly Om Sweet Om Yoga Studio in Dunedin, Florida, where you can take your babies and toddlers with you to most any of her daily yoga, ballet, and Pilates classes. Can’t you just see the joy and energy in her?

Yoga Class Teacher with toddler in Wrapsody Breeze Luna Wrap.

In this picture, her toddler has come out of the wrap while she continues to teach the class.  She is using a Front Cross Carry which is an easy carry for a baby or toddler to come in or out of while the wrap remains tied around the parent ready for the next “uppie!”

Babywearing Yoga Class for wrapped up moms and babies.

Wrapped up babies and toddlers in babywearing yoga class.

Beautiful yoga class for moms and babies.

Have fun!